Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Comrade Twitty

I'd like to thank my friend Mike for sending me the link to Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives. I've been walking around like Quasimodo for the last three years, thanks to the ludicrous amount of time I spend in my painfully uncomfortable wooden chair in front of my computer, not to mention that I will probably need lenses from the Mount Palomar Naval Observatory soon, as my eyesight is going the way of Ronnie Milsap. I really didn't need another reason to spend more time playing on blogs. But, boy this is one cool place.

I've made numerous passes through Uncle Gil's archives, finding so many amazing records, rare and out of print. Johnnie & Jack, for instance, a fave of the great Buddy Miller or Leon Payne, the man who wrote "I Love You, Because" and "Psycho," the early 80s, Elvis Costello live staple. I also discovered this absolutely ridiculous track from Conway Twitty.

It was customary in the 60's and I guess the early part of the 70's, for internationally successful artists to re-record their hits in different languages for separate markets. We are all familiar with "Sie Liebt Dich" and "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" by The Beatles, right?

Here is Conway Twitty's hit "Hello Darlin'" in Russian. Maybe it shouldn't have made me laugh so hard, but it did.

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Treblephone said...

This actually has some history behind was recorded due to the Apollo/Soyuz joint space mission between the USA and USSR in the mid-70s. This recording was played to wake up the Soviet astronauts one morning during the mission!