Friday, March 19, 2010

"Are You Alone Or By Yourself" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Don't read too much into the doleful subject matter of the majority of the songs contained in this "WEEKEND MIX." Though the mix was inspired by a series of unrelated conversations with friends and family over the last week, my ultimate goal wasn't the message so much as the final product and how it sounded as a whole.

At first, it was going to be a dozen songs that contained the word "alone" in the title. But then the mix-tape nerd inside of me ran rampant through the iTunes library and found a few others I wanted to include. At one point, I rediscovered the Johnny "Guitar" Watson gem and just wanted to post that song and 100 words on why I can't stop playing it.

Well, as Marty DiBergi once said, "Enough of my yappin." (Or is it "yakkin'?")


one- harry nilsson
can't be alone- the beckies
alone again or- love
all by myself- james booker
i can't make it alone- continental drifters
alone (alternate version)- wilco
alone in my room- dwight twilley
all alone- dennis wilson
nobody- johnny "guitar" watson w/Kaleidoscope
i'm alone because i love you- uncle lionel batiste
all by myself- sheryl crow
when i'm alone, i cry- marvin gaye
i think we're alone now- tommy james & the shondells
a long night- frank sinatra
all by myself- daryl hall
and i fell back alone- world party
when you're alone- bruce springsteen



steve simels said...

Ooh -- the Beckies. There's an album I keep meaning to revisit...

Good call....

richeye said...

Jeez Sal... I was the sound man for The Beckies.... I thought I finally had one band in my resume you'd never heard and here you are with a digital track! You da man!

jeff said...

I can't believe you didn't include "Alone Again, Naturally."

Sal Nunziato said...

It was under consideration, Jeff. I happen to genuinely like that song, but my fear is most people don't. (except the millions that bought it and made it the Number One single of 1972.)

jeff said...

I confess to agreeing with you.
There, I said it publicly.

Leslie said...

My boys want me to put johnny "guitar" watson on repeat!

Sal Nunziato said...

I like dem boys.

jeff said...

I did an itunes search for "alone" in my music library and came up with a few intriguing ones:
"Leave My Kitten Alone," Hank Ballard
Alone Again Or, Love, Calexico
Alone in the Dark, John Hiatt
Go to Sleep Alone Jimmie Dale Gilmore
I'll Sail this Ship Alone, The Beautiful South
To be Alone With You, Dylan
Tired of Being Alone, Al Green
Leave a Tender Moment Alone, Billy Joel

charlie c. said...

"In My Room" woulda/coulda fit nicely opening the door for "Candy's Room" . . . but who am I to complain? (Doncha hate these Friday afternoon blogger-backs?!?)

Sal Nunziato said...

2 good choices Charlie.

Dave said...

What about "Alone," by the Shepherd Sisters or even better, the Four Seasons? I've always loved the latter, because of the contrast between the chirpy sound and the depressing lyrics.