Friday, March 12, 2010

"Glenn Tilbrook, Busker" : THE WEEKEND MIX

If you are unfamiliar with Glenn Tilbrook's MO on his solo tours, this "Weekend Mix" sums it all up. The man loves to play and he loves his fans. He'll happily take requests, have a few drinks with you, and generally give his all.

Here is a gem from 1994, prior to releasing any of his solo records. It is a set filled with Squeeze hits and rarities, as well as a cornucopia of covers by Randy Newman, Prince, Lennon & McCartney, Roy Wood, Nils Lofgren, The Hollies, Neil Finn, and more.

The venue is a small pub in England and the lucky attendees sound as if they had a few. Most of the time it's charming. Occasionally, you wish someone had a firehose. Still, this is one special set of music. If this goes over well, I have a few more shows from the "pub tour."


Third Rail
Walk A Straight Line
I Won't Ever Go Drinking Again
I Can Hear The Grass Grow
Cold Shoulder
Daydream Believer
Norwegian Wood
You Won't See Me
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
Mud In Your Eye
King Midas In Reverse
Weather With You
Last Train To Clarksville
Hey Girl
Can't Buy Me Love
Some Fantastic Place
Sunny Afternoon
Woman's World
The Truth
Suspicious Minds
The Universal
Black Coffee In Bed
Goodbye Girl



Michael said...

Could it be we have the same musical heroes? Frequently my favorite music is that of the brilliant singer/songwriter/interpreter stripped bare of all comforts, laying it all on the line for art. It's intimate and revealing, and the best artists pull it off with panache. Glenn Tilbrook is clearly one of these artists. I've seen him myself in a similar situation and it was a great, great time.

I love this setlist! Thanks so much for this post, I'll squeeze every little bit of pleasure out of it.

Kimball said...

I saw him at the House of Blues in Boston, 2001 I think. After the show, he invited the audience to meet him in the park across the way. He stood on a bench and sang hit after hit, then turned 4 cell phones into stereo headphones, with one on his voice, one on his guitar, as they called the other two, which we passed around like headphones, crazy.

He then led us like the Pied Piper through Harvard Square to the strains of Black Coffee, before hoping in a stranger's minivan that had been stopped at a light with the side door opened so they could listen! (they let him out down the block).

Looking forward to hearing this set, he is a genius solo performer for sure. Seems to truly enjoy his work.


jc said...

Love this stuff from Tilbrook. More, please!