Monday, March 8, 2010

A Legal Matter?

Mark Vidler, the genius behind Go Home Productions in England, is the indisbutable king of the mash-up. Vidler, a producer and DJ, has been creating these mini, often mind-boggling works of art since early 2001.

Not all of these digital hybrids work, especially when vocal tracks are sped up to almost Chipmunk proportions in order to get pitches and keys in sync. But when the right songs meet, it can be quite jaw-dropping.

Vidler's newest creation just went up on his website and I have it here for you now. This one is killing me. I've also included one of his earlier creations, Marvin Gaye meets Radiohead, for your listening pleasure.




steve simels said...

Pretty hilarious, but let's be honest -- it helps that rock and roll has only four chords.

I mean, you couldn't do this with Cole Porter and Sammy Cahn, is my guess.

Sal Nunziato said...

Party pooper.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Steve Simels.
Not trying to argue with you, but my understanding is that music itself only has 12 notes, from which all chords and all music must be combined. . There are really only seven primary colors in the spectrum from which all other shades are mixed. The Sistine Chapel's paintings can therefore be reduced to the creative mixture of very few elements. The idea that any form of music is superior because of using more chords, more complicated chords, or anything like that completely misses the point of music. The nearly sixty year history of many, many varieties of rock and roll is built, and continues to be built from those"four chords"

FD13NYC said...

Now this, is creative and unique. I went to the site and listened to some more stuff, funny.

Gene Oberto said...

I'm not sure that Mark Vidler couldn't pull that off, Steve. "Night and Day, It's the Same Old Dream"

When I think back to the days that I was so proud doing a cassette mix tape and now after listening to and watching these kinds of standards...Wow!

It's just not the studio dexterity, it's the knowledge of songs and how they feel with other songs that is just amazing. Not to mention the fun of it...the "what if" factor.

Sal, you just couldn't overcome the bizarre cooperation of Phil and Christine for the recommendation list, huh?

charlie c. said...

This gal Vickie ( also does a bunch of these things. She has a show on that is available as a 1 hour podcast -- sometimes it is the best hour of the week, aurally speaking . . . so, as per the discussion, where does "One Note Samba" fit into all this?!?

soundsource said...

now if only the who were this creative and interesting at the super bowl (oy vey he's starting again)

cmealha said...

While highly entertaining and enjoyable I wouldn't consider mashing up other people's artistic output as 'works of art'.