Monday, March 1, 2010

Phil, Phil, and Phil's Fills

Last month, Steve Simels over at the always necessary POWER POP, ran a piece about Phil Collins and how you don't necessarily need to be a fan of either Genesis or his solo work to recognize that his drumming often brings a song into another dimension. Please go say hello, when you are done here, and see which particular song Steve has chosen for his example.


I've been a huge fan of Genesis for years, and I like some of Phil's solo work, but like Steve, I agree that Collins' drumming can often make you listen when you most likely would have hit eject otherwise.

Take this not bad ballad by Philip Bailey, the lead singing falsetto from Earth, Wind & Fire. After the chart-topping success of "Easy Lover," from the Phil Collins produced "Chinese Wall" LP, Bailey recorded two gospel records before returning to the secular world in 1990 with the very mediocre, Nile Rodgers produced "Inside Out."

There were two leftovers from the Collins sessions of 1984, one of which is "Because Of You," a song co-written by Bailey and Collins and featuring the instantly recognizable drumming of the latter.

It's a standard, pop R&B affair, that without Phil Collins drum sound, unique groove and slick fills, might have gotten lost with all the other schlock you hear piped in while shopping at Home Depot.



The Phantom Creep said...

Never heard this one before, but you're right -- the drumming makes it memorable.

steve simels said...
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steve simels said...

Apparently, Phil can't drum anymore -- some degenerative and painful arthritis-like condition precludes him actually banging the pagan skins anymore.

I don't want to say this is as awful as Beethoven going deaf, but it does seem terribly unfair and sad.