Monday, March 29, 2010

Todd On Monday : 1971, The Very First Time

Thankfully, I received a lot of positive feedback after suggesting a weekly post devoted to Todd Rundgren. (Actually, some of you suggested it. I just didn't need much arm-twisting.) I'd like to see Todd On Monday progress to where you guys interact. Requests, suggestions, and contributions are all welcome. Words or music, I hope you find it interesting enough to share. The man has been making music for over 40 years. There must be something, (anything) other than "Something/Anything?" to talk about.

Well, we've gotta start somewhere, so why not the beginning? I'm pretty certain this is Todd Rundgren's very first live performance as a solo artist, though there is some speculation that an earlier performance at L.A.'s Troubadour may hold that title. Broadcast live from Sigma Sound Studios in Philly, on 7/1/71, here is Todd with the Hello People. (There is a possibility that the performance took place on 6/30/71 and the air date was 7/1/71.) I'm also guessing this is between the release of his first two albums, "Runt" and "The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren." Todd shares the spotlight with The Hello People for a few songs, performs "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference"almost two albums prior to its release on Side One of "Something/Anything?," fumbles charmingly through a Beatles' cover, and basically sounds like the kid he was.


believe in me
lady on a terrace
i got my pipe
it wouldn't have made any difference
rock all over again
everybody in the congregation
broke down and busted
tonight i wanna love me a stranger
ooh baby baby
hold me tight
before i grow too old
be nice to me
i'm feeling better
the ballad (of denny & jean)


(special thanks to frank b.)


Anonymous said...

I bow down to your greatness, than you kind sir for the gift you have bestowed us.

Raymond Rueda

People Are Leaving said...

I absolutely love your blog ! Please take a look at mine at your convenience. Is there any chance of upping the new Justin Currie - The Great War ? If not, I understand

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks People! I'll take a look at your blog now. As for Justin Currie--I think I'd upset a lot of people if I uploaded that. It will be out, soon.

People Are Leaving said...

Thanks Sal -
No worries, I only asked cos I could see other new releases, but as I type I'm realizing they've already dropped. I'm chomping on the bit for that new Currie record. Not to post, but to listen as a fan. You'll see on my blog, NO NEW RELEASES.

Anyway,how is it ?
I've only heard a couple tracks that have been floating around for some time.

Sal Nunziato said...

Actually, I don't think I have ever posted any full length file of anything new and in print. (At least, I hope I didn't)

The Currie is so much better than his last solo effort.

Send me your mailing address.

cooljerk said...

hey sal...when you talk about where todd started out, wouldn't that be with the nazz?...steven

Sal Nunziato said...

Yes Steven. Why do you ask?

cooljerk said...

well, sal, you said that requests, suggestions and contributions were all welcome...that was my contribution (i suppose i really don't know much about todd rungren, so it was all i could add)...besides, you said you wanted to start at the beginning, and as far as i knew, todd's band, the nazz, predated his solo career, however (if you prefer) i can keep my comments to myself

FRANCIE said...

Does anyone remember TODD with the HELLO PEOPLE at the PHILA. SPECTRUM THEATRE. I saw that show and if I recall correctly this performance took place around the same time. It was quite theatrical, since they changed the SPECTRUM ARENA into a THEATRE. I remember that the stage set was wonderful. MR.TODD RUNDGREN WAS A TRUE ARTISAN THAT EVENING. I hope someone else out there has a comment about that show!! KEEP ON KEEPIN'ON!!!

Sal Nunziato said...

Ok Steven. Thank you. I did point out that this was Todd's very first show as "a solo artist."

Please don't keep your comments to least not yet. ;)

soundsource said...

hey cooljerk guy from down here in the sunny south i've got three words woody's truck stop.....and sal your famous i'm reading about you on other blogs kudos sir

artlazarus said...

The correct date of this classic concert is June 30, 1971. I know because I live in Philly and I taped it from the radio (WMMR) as it occurred, live from Sigma Sound Studios. In the mid to late 1960s, Todd played with a Philly band called Woody's Truck Stop, which he left to form The Nazz. Other Philly musicians who played with Todd included Tim Moore and, of course, Hall and Oates. Moore and Hall played together in a band called Gulliver. I am looking for a concert that Todd did with the Hello People after the Sigma Sound gig. It was broadcast from Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, New York on radio station WLIR, May 2, 1972. I would love to see that concert posted, if possible. Thanks for all the great TR music.

Sal Nunziato said...


Thanks for confirming. I have that Ultrasonic show, and will get it up for you soon.

Thanks for reading.

jay strange said...

this is pure wonder, thanking you sir

FRANCIE said...

I remember going to see TIM MOORE in PHILLY and DELAWARE. Didn't he win a song writing contest? Was he from PHILLY? I remember MMR playing SECOND AVENUE all the time. I didn"t know he played with TODD. Was this in the mid 70's? Funny going to see both all the time, and never caught them toghether!! Might have enjoyed that. Thanks so much for this info.

artlazarus said...

Tim Moore played with Todd Rundgren in Woody's Truck Stop. After that, Tim and Daryl Hall played in a group called Gulliver. Tim, Todd, and Daryl are all from Philly. More info on Tim Moore can be found here: Also, don't forget to to check out Todd and Daryl playing together on episode 23 of "Live From Daryl's House" -- the audio portion of the concert can be found on Burning Wood (Thanks Sal).

Looking forward to the post of TR at Ultrasonic Studios.

FRANCIE said...

Hi ARTLARAZUS, I am from PHILLY also. I didn't recall TIM MOORE playing with TODD or DARRYL HALL.thanks for letting me know. I only go back as far as NAZZ. I remember all that fuss MMR made over TIM MOORE when he won with the song SECOND AVENUE,remember how they played that song to death!I think I saw TIM MOORE for the first time at the BIJOU. I couldn"t ever count how many great acts I caught there. I love love love DARRYL AND TODD ON DARRYL'S HOUSE,to me it just seems like it"s supposed to be(if that makes any sense) THANKS for the info, and I hope PHILLY'S music scene is still so exciting,I miss it so. Going to the ART MUSEUM on Sunday with my Grandaughter,she already thinks PHILLY is "AWSOME" and has never been there,she's in for a TREAT!! REGARDS, FRANCIE

People Are Leaving said...

Just wanted to thank you up & down for not only sending me the new Justin Currie record, but an actual advance. Thank you so much. I haven't listened yet cos I just opened it, but I thought it proper to thank you first.

Thanks again -

Mark in Cali

Sal Nunziato said...

You're welcome, Mark. Thanks for reading.

Michael said...

egad, i'm a little behind in my surfing. You never fail to amaze, Sal. Todd on Monday is a wonderful gift and a great idea. Anything you offer would be great, I am sure.

Here's a question: Are there any live Nazz recordings extant? I've never heard of anything like that but would love to hear it if there were.

Sal Nunziato said...

I know I don't have any live Nazz and I can't remember ever coming across any.

Glad you're up for Todd Mondays. Thanks.

Tim Brickley said...

Wow, Sal! Just got the TR live retrospective "For Lack Of Honest Work", which includes a few cuts from this broadcast. Just Googled to see if I could find any additional info on the show - hoping it was a radio thing - and WOW, here it is! Thanks so much, looking forward to keeping up with your writing - we share a similar taste in awesome effing music! Your new pal in Indiana.....