Friday, May 21, 2010

"And Then There Are These" : THE WEEKEND MIX

"Exile On Main Street" Outtakes
01 Get A Line On You
02 Shake Your Hips
03 Good Time Women
04 Sweet Virginia
05 Sweet Black Angel
06 Loving Cup
07 Let it Loose
08 All Down the Line
09 Stop Breaking Down
10 Shine a Light

Track 1-10: Recorded At Olympic Sound Studios, London & Mobile Recording Unit, Newbury, October 17-31, 1970



steve simels said...

Haven't listened yet but -- where the hell did you get those from?

Sal Nunziato said...

It's a pretty common bootleg. There's more, too. Sorta why Disc Two annoys me so much.

steves said...

Beat me to it, I have a few others though (and cover art!). Man...I would've loved to hear remastered version of "Shine a Light." The bastards!

soundsource said...

just one thing you flaming retarded pissy latte drinking unemployed money spending blog writing opinion toting so and so did this bootleg cost you $150 too.


Eric said...

good time is really the precursor to dice, ...shoot, just to hear some "fresh" stuff from their fertile period is fine...get a line on u is raw, nicky hop(?) on piano, the geetars sounds nasty good

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that some people who come on here and post comments don't respect Sal, do you have to mock the situation "soundsource" all you do is encourage more of this type of stuff.
Just comment on the music not on the Sal haters.

Engin Borluca- a true loyal reader "to the Wood"

Anonymous said...

some of us believe the stones
were never the same after exile
the lost of mick taylor
i did seen a great show in phila
but i think biiil preston &ollie brown were a big help

Anonymous said...

No love for "Goats Head Soup" out there?

Nick LaBate

soundsource said...

so much for sarcasm, thank you very much Dr. Johnson

Anonymous said...

Anytime or anything for my patients like you, Mr. soundsource.

Engin Borluca

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, and like it! Thanks for these!

Anonymous said...

Thanx. No matter where these came from, they sound great. Keep up the good work. Just found this blog too.