Friday, June 11, 2010

"Jon Cleary: Piano, Bass, & Drums" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I've had many people ask me my thoughts on the HBO series "Treme." I've spent a lot of time in the great city of New Orleans, and though I may know a bit more than most who have only visited once or twice, I'm no expert. I will say I enjoy watching "Treme," but I'm not sure I love the show. I'll expand on this in a later post.

With just two more episodes from completion of its first season,"Treme," if nothing else, has excelled in the music department. More than one reader has suggested a "Weekend Mix" featuring the best music from the show. I don't feel quite comfortable with that since HBO's website has links to where to purchase the available music, and NolaFunkNYC has a nice show by show breakdown of all the music used. But if you've been a long time reader of Burning Wood, all you need to do is search "New Orleans" above, and you will find plenty of mixes made prior to the premiere of "Treme," with many of the songs that ended up in the show.

In the meantime, I give you this absolutely monster set of music, broadcast live on the great WWOZ in New Orleans, from Lafayette Square in New Orleans, back on April 14th, 2010.

The great Jon Cleary has been touring with something he calls "Piano, Bass, & Drums," with an album, I believe, being planned for a future release. (I hope that's the case.) The bass in this trio is played by James Singleton. The drums are played by Doug Belote. I was about to say, "It's hard to find three better musicians in...." but I stopped myself. When you're in New Orleans, your cab driver probably plays drums better than most with a recording contract. So I'll just say that this trio is something truly special. James Singleton's work with Astral Project alone, is worth your time, while Doug Belote's grooves have been heard with everyone from Trombone Shorty to David Egan to Marva Wright. I'm hoping you are already familiar with the great piano work of Mr. Cleary.


it ain't my fault
mary ann
i get the blues when it rains
take my heart
help me somebody
bringing back the home
second line intro
piano solo
second line reprise
brickyard blues
those lonely lonely nights
leaving trunk
don't do me that way
young boy blues
when you get back
so long

HAVE FUN! This is one great show.



jeff said...

and I'm one of those who asked. Thanks

big bad wolf said...

'OZ is just the greatest thing in the world.

but burning wood is way up there too, sal.
thanks, as always

Troy said...


Can't thank you enough for this. I am a huge Jon Cleary fan, and am also hoping the Piano, Bass, & Drums album sees the light of day soon.

Have a great weekend.

William S. Repsher said...

Sal, just picked up on your blog from Huff Post -- I was a long-time NYCD shopper, both locations, used to enjoy chatting with you and the other dude in there, as you were both such fans ... although would occasionally have rough times with the hired help! Still have very good memories of turning up great stuff at those stores.

Also see you around the neighborhood sometimes in Astoria! Glad to see you haven't been priced out.

But have enjoyed scrolling through your blog, there's a lot to catch up on, but always good to see someone with taste and musical breadth going at it. Noticed some Kinks post from earlier. Here are a few of mine for your reading pleasure:

My blog isn't music per se, but since it's such a large part of my life, I get into it on many occasions.

Keep on truckin'.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks for the note, William. Love The Kinks posts. Also, love the posts about the film crews in our hood. I couldn't agree more. What a bunch of bags!

Next time you see me in the hood, say something.


syeve said...


charlie c. said...

"The call came in Saturday afternoon -- I should know, I made it. I was working the day shift out of the Yard Sale division. My secretary was Bogarting the rotary so I tried my hand with the speed dial. The voice on the other end said 'hello?' and that was enough for me, good old Sal, up to his old tricks. Like a foghorn of clarity cutting through the mist of disillusion. We got to talking and he said: If you haven't checked it out already, I heartily recommend the John Cleary mix from Friday. That brings us up to the here and now. As soon as I pull up my zip file and throw on a pair of trousers, I am off to give it a listen."

WINO said...

Sal, thanks for the goodies. Will be diggin yer 10cc & Dylans'Gospel posts for days to come. My new FAVE Blog!
rob STL

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Rob! Glad to hear it and thanks for reading.