Friday, July 16, 2010

"Double Header" : THE WEEKEND MIX

First up, what I think is one of the most insanely perfect collection of songs ever compiled. This CD, "Shakin' Fit" has inspired me more than twice. No longer in print, "Shakin' Fit" takes some of the most raucous and groovy tracks from the unsung heroes of rock and soul and never relents. A good handful of these tunes may have been introduced to you by bands like The Detroit Cobras and The Dirtbombs. But here, we have the originals in all their grimy glory.

1. Nervous - Fabulous Playboys
2. Love-Itis - Harvey Scales & the 7 Sounds
3. The Chicken Astronaut - Five Du-Tones
4. Standin' on the Corner - Dorothy Berry
5. I Live the Life I Love - Willie Parker
6. The Shells - The Shells
7. Mo Gorilla - The Ideals
8. What's the Matter with Me - Las Gardenias
9. Welfare Cheese - Emanual Laskey
10. The Dog - Junior & the Classics
11. The Chicken Scratch - Jc Davis
12. The Wallop - The Tabs
13. The Frog - Sir Guy
14. Skin the Cat - Jimmy Merchant
15. Shakin' Fit - The Pyramids
16. My Baby Likes to Boogaloo - Don Gardner
17. Ain't That Bad - Pancho Villa & the Bandits
18. Damper Down - Bobby Davis
19. Sock It to 'em J.B. - Part I - Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers
20. Grandma Bird - The Four Holidays
21. You Gotta Change - Kitty Love
22. Wang Dang Dula - Donald & the Delighters
23. Whip It on Me - Sonny Raye
24. Hey Sah-Lo-Ney - Mickey Lee Lane
25. Boss with the Hot Sauce - Davis Jones & the Fenders
26. Sticky Pig Feet - R.T. & the Pot Lickers
27. The Cow - Bill Robinson & the Quails
28. Heartattack - Don & Dewey
29. Get Down - Harvey Scales & the 7 Sounds


As a bonus, courtesy of the incessantly generous Don at ASH, is this short but absolutely killer Graham Parker set featuring Mick Ronson on guitar, and originally broadcast on Swedish radio in 1991.

From ASH:

"Mick had finished the Hunter/Ronson tour and been diagnosed as having cancer. This was his last tour. He hooked up with Johan Wahlstrom and The Yobs. The first set had Johan and Mick playing a combined set. For the second part, the band including Mick would back Graham Parker."

Graham Parker Mick Ronson and the Yobs

1 Stupefacation
2 Weeping Statues
3 Back To Schooldays
4 Last Couple On The Dance Floor
5 My Love's Strong
6 Get Started Start A Fire
7 New York Shuffle




The Phantom Creep said...

Wow to both.

And thanks...

Eric said...

mick ronson---what a geetar god---slaughter on 10th avenue always make me think about how nasty 10th avenue was and always will be.

Kevin said...

This one's great, but "At The Party" is my choice for best compilation ever! We got "Viddle Diddle Baby," the IMMORTAL "Emulsified," and "Camel Walk" (if I remember the titles correctly) among a number of other gems. Hint. Hint. Hint.

The PopCulturist said...

If Sal doesn't mind me posting a link, it's not the greatest, but here is some artwork I found for the GP/Ronson show. It is for a 2 cd boot with an audience recording of Stockholm 20/10/91 as disc 1 and this show, listed as Gavle, not Stockholm, 25/10/91. If anyone in eyeshot has that 20/10 show please let me know, here or find me at my blog

Thanks Sal for the awesome double header!


Leon said...

Thanks for the link backwards to this today, Sal... I need to explore the archives of your site some more!! Cool-looking Graham Parker post, downloading now....

Anonymous said...

You can't go wrong with Graham Parker!

Anonymous said...


Thx for posting ! Great blog !