Friday, July 9, 2010

"Okay, You'll Like This One" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I've been on a Tom Waits kick the last few weeks. Not the pre-"Rain Dogs" material, which is usually where I wind up, but the post-"Rain Dogs" material, which upon each release, got the perfunctory Sal snort and eyeroll. "Again with the megaphone and calliope?!"

Reading last month's Tom Waits edited issue of Mojo was the catalyst. I wish I had specifics as to why what made me very impatient first time around--"The Black Rider," "Alice," "Blood Money" and "Real Gone"--suddenly sounded like beautiful noise.

While revisiting these records, I found today's mix, a bootleg subtitled "Monologues and Rarities." It's a perfect companion to "Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards," the 3 CD set collection of stray tracks released a few years back. It's model is not much different than Waits' now legendary "Nighthawks At The Diner." I don't know who compiled this great set of stories and song, but thank you.


1 Intro (Cirkus 07 14 99)
2 Black Wings (VH1 Storytellers 04 01 99)
3 Yerthebest
4 Such A Scream (Oakland 06 09 99)
5 Angry Flowers
6 Leavin' On The 219 (Oakland 06 10 99)
7 The Most Marvellous View Of Buffalo
8 On The Nickel (Los Angeles 06 14 99)
9 Cows
10 Muriel (Chicago 08 26 99)
11 Cologne
12 Swordfishtrombone (Boston 09 19 99)
13 Leeches And Vultures
14 Eggs And Sausage > Invitation To The Blues (New York 09 24 99)
15 Canadian Microphone
16 A Sight For Sore Eyes (Denver 10 13 99)
17 It's Gone Too Far
18 Broken Bicycles (Denver 10 13 99)
19 Rats
20 Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (Denver Radio 10 13 99)
21 Small Town Cigarette Lighters
22 Blind Love (Seattle 10 19 99)
23 Spider Ad Weasel
24 Tom Trauberts Blues (Mountainview 10 30 99)
25 The Three Ages Of Man
26 Warsaw At 5am (Warsaw 05 26 00)
27 I Know I've Been Changed (Warsaw 05 26 00)
28 Testamints
29 Ain't Going Down To The Well No More (Warsaw 05 26 00)
30 Underwear Search
31 Yerthebest reprise



I won't be near a computer on Monday, so I'd like to fulfill a request now.

A reader and Todd Rundgren fan was looking for this Japanese collection of rarities called "Somewhere/Anywhere?"

Well, here it is.

1. Be Nice To Me (Radio Session)
2. Open My Eyes (Live)
3. Broken Down & Busted (Live)
4. Believe In Me (Radio Session)
5. Ooh Baby (Radio Session)
6. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
7. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (Live)
8. Something Anything (Radio Spot)
9. Something Anything (Radio Spot)
10. Hold Me Tight (Radio Session)
11. 96 Tears (Live)
12. Dream Goes On Forever (Live)
13. Just One Victory (Live)
14. Something Anything (Radio Spot)
15. Something Anything (Radio Spot)
16. Do Ya/Utopia (Alternate Live)
17. Where Does The Time Go (Outtake)
18. Something Anything (Radio Spot)
19. Something Anything (Radio Spot)
20. Sequence 1
21. Sequence 2
22. Sequence 3
23. Sequence 4


(links for zip files will be erady by 8:30 A.M.)

Enjoy the weekend!


David Handelman said...

erady? 4:38 AM?

I remember listening to Frank's Wild Years on the car stereo when my daughter was about 3 and she imitated it by growling gutturally, "blah blah blah." But yes it's all great stuff.

Waits's Black Rider kicked in for me because I got to see the Robert Wilson-directed stage show live at BAM, performed by a German-speaking troupe singing transliterations. It made the songs memorable. The same way seeing the Juliet Letters live helped me understand that album. Sometimes when artists go down a new road, they have to show you what the hell it's all about. Waits' live performance on Broadway in 1986? 7? -- when I wasn't that familiar with his catalogue -- with, yes, megaphone and calliope (and the slightly annoying Michael Bolton-haired percussionist Michael Blair) remains seared in my mind as one of my favorite performances by anyone ever.


Thanks Sal.

One of my favourite Tom Waits is that movie soundtrack he did with Crystal Gayle. I never saw the movie but the album was weird and wonderful.

The Waits' mix is downloading as I type. I'm still having challenges with the Todd but I know they will resolve in time.

Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Sal Nunziato said...

10/15/87 is the date on my stub from the Eugene O'Neill theatre. I've seen Tom Waits three times--'85 Rain Dogs, '87 Frank's Wild Years, '99 Mule Variations, and they all rank as some of the very best ever.

Sal Nunziato said...


I am with you on the "One From The Heart" soundtrack. Simply gorgeous. I recommend the movie, which is also weird and wonderful. It ultimately sent Francis Ford Coppola into the toilet, but I think it's pretty amazing.

Sal Nunziato said...

Oh, and the Todd link should be fixed.

Meanstreets said...

The indescribable, irrefutable genius of Tom Waits....

Thank you Sal...

steves said...

What an excellent 2-fer (though I admit to being more excited about the Waits)!

Btw, the first time I saw him was in 77, I think--the Small Change tour--at the Bottom Line. One of the best I've seen as well.

Have a great weekend!

misospecial said...

i love a double feature! the a cappella SA promos fit nicely into the blog post i'm working on (and hope to get done while i'm in detroit/chicago this week).

looking forward to the waits, too.

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks for the Todd I requested. You are most definitely the man!