Friday, October 29, 2010


I an still not feeling well, so forgive me for getting this mix up without pithy commentary. I can barely keep my head up.


Tubular Bells- Mike Oldfield
Monster Man- The Revillos
Boris The Spider- The Who
The Pipe Organ- Unknown
Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya- Dr. John
Heartbeat- Creed Taylor Orchestra
Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath
The Murder- Bernard Hermann
Scary Monsters- David Bowie
Ghost Power- The Cords
Igor's Party- Tony's Monstrosities
Corpse Grinder- The Meteors
Witch- The Sonics
Die, Die My Darling- The Misfits
Joan Crawford- Blue Oyster Cult
Halloween- John Carpenter

Have a fun and safe weekend.

I'm going back to bed.



Anonymous said...

fuck you...where is pelosi, boxer, site, my ass

steves said...

Cold? Flu? IAC, feel better soon. And thanks for some spooky music!

cmealha said...

Feel better!

Meanstreets said...

I am keeping a good thought for you Sal....feel better...especially by Tuesday, 11/2, because we have the great Jim Lauderdale & Austin's Carrie Rodriguez at the City Winery...

Just don't sit next to me....

Anonymous said...

Get well soon. And to my fellow Anon (above) crawl back into the hole you came from. Please.

itsok2beright said...

To the first anonymous, if you only knew how to read (or listen) you would know this is a music site. This is an extremely 'fair and balanced' music site, where you hear reviews about the music and not the artist's political opinion. And this is coming from a right winger. It's people like you that give the rest of us rational republicans a bad name. I agree with anon #2.


Hey Sal,

Great Halloween party mix -- many thanks!

Take your vitamins!

FD13NYC said...

Hey Sal, sorry to hear you're feeling sickly. It's a bitch when you get older and get sick, (believe me I know).

Take care of yourself and get that flu shot. Feel better.

cmealha said...

To the First Anonymous,

Have some balls and identify yourself instead of hiding behind your anonymity and acting like the ignorant, cowardly fool that you are. Grow up!

Eric said...

@To the first anonymous:
my name is eric:646-221-0678

tell me where i can meet for a burger so i can stick ya' head into the french fry cooker....

Bernard Hermann---along with Ennio, that is nobility amongst soundtrack composers.

Meanstreets said...

Bernard Hermann, composer of many of those Alfred Hitchcock films....

And also, the unforgettable score from Martin Scorsese's " Taxi Driver ".

Meanstreets said...


IFC channel has their " Three Stooges " marathon on to 2PM....

If you don't feel better after that, dial 911.

Sal Nunziato said...

(Take 2)

Thanks for the well wishes. Today is the first day I feel a bit normal.

As for Anon #1--you must really love Bill Laimbeer.