Friday, October 1, 2010

"For Casual Fans" : THE WEEKEND MIX

In the last week or so, I made reference to "Greatest Hits" CDs and how they don't always best represent the artist, or at least I think I did. I can't remember in which post I brought it up. I do remember saying that I thought the material on Cheap Trick's hits CD, a band I absolutely adore, was some of their weakest material. Same with ELO.

My thought for this week's "Weekend Mix," was to possibly surprise and delight, not the die-hard, but the casual fan, who may only be familiar with the obvious. You may think 10 songs by Cheap Trick is enough, satisfied with "Surrender," "I Want You To Want Me," and "Ain't That A Shame." But owning their "Greatest Hits" also subjects you to "The Flame," "If You Want My Love," and "Can't Stop Falling Into Love," arguably three of their most cringe-making tunes.

I thought it a good idea to take ten of my favorite bands, and make ten separate, ten track mixes of not-so-obvious songs for each artist; a huge project that I may still attack at some point. Until then--

Here are ten legendary artists and songs you may not have heard before. Remember, I am not addressing anyone who owns the German only, mono digipaks with monitor mix bonus tracks of any of these artists. This mix isn't for you. (though you may still enjoy it) If YOU don't own "Axis" Bold As Love," then buying that should be the first thing you do today after posting your new status on Facebook.


One Rainy Wish- Jimi Hendrix
("Axis: Bold As Love")
The Calling- Yes
Heaven's Falling- Cheap Trick
("Next Position, Please")
She'll Drive The Big Car- David Bowie
Stranger On A Quiet Street- ELO
Blue, Red, & Grey - The Who
("The Who By Numbers")
All About You- The Rolling Stones
("Emotional Rescue")
Your Own Worst Enemy- Bruce Springsteen
Time Table- Genesis
Black Muddy River- Grateful Dead
("In The Dark")



The Phantom Creep said...

The Who and Springsteen obscurities are among my very favorites by both.

Can't wait to listen to the rest.

cmealha said...

Great selection as always. I even listened to the Grateful Dead cut voluntarily from beginning to end and did not feel the urge to seek out hippies to pummel.
The Who cut is one of my favorite tracks period and the one that, when I mention it to people who profess to be Who fans, inevitably evokes a quizzical look.
Didn't think that the Springteen cut was obscure. It was a highlight of the album for me.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thoughts on the Dead song?

Gene Oberto said...


You'll be wearing tie dye in no time. Pretty soon you'll be like Larry Finkelstein on "Dharma and Greg".

The mood of that song, Big Muddy River, really does call up its title. And that LP is one of my "can play anytime favorites."

Welcome back, my friend, and a truly needed posting on FB:

cmealha said...

Re: Dead song
Like I said, it didn't make me want to kill hippies. Okay...I liked it! There I said it! I liked a Dead song! I made believe someone else was singing it and realized that it's a really really good song. My whole world is upside down now! Satisfied?!

Re: Blue, Red & Grey
In retrospect I should have said that this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written instead of the lame "one of my favorites..."

charlie c. said...

How cool would it be for someone to mention the Grateful Dead without having somebody else remind the other people how much they really hate them, making sure to keep a condescending tone and taking a whack at their fans.
Made it through a four minute track? My hat is off to you . . .
Great mix Sal -- apropos for the rain too . . .

Shriner said...

Ah, yes -- "Heaven's Falling".

One of the best little-known Cheap Trick songs ever!

This has been on my mixtapes for years.

Troy said...

Double cheers for 'Heaven's Falling' by Cheap Trick!!

IMO, the Springsteen tune isn't one of my favorites, but I'm glad others are pleased with its inclusion. From that disc I would recommend 'Gypsy Biker' or even 'Devil's Arcade'.

Have a good weekend. Thanks for continuing to share good tunes.

Sal Nunziato said...

Troy, I pretty much love everything on "Magic," but don't you think both your choices sound exactly like what a casual Bruce fan would expect?

cmealha said...

Charlie C.
Just having a little fun with Sal. Didn't mean to offend.

charlie c. said...

@cmealha: and he said you were a nice guy too . . . now i feel doubly bad . . . i do have a 42 minute Dark Star that could make this all go away?

Anonymous said...

Good to see Carl and Charlie duke it Sal and me a breather in between rounds(or is it Sal and I?)...Every song a winner....what went right?!

shausler said...

i love this mix!!
Zoom is one of my favorites!