Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Ox Cam

It may be old news to some of you Who fans, but the special edition DVD release of The Kids Are Alright" has a feature called "The Ox Cam." It is there where we can see and hear John Entwistle isolated from the rest of the band on a few songs. It's a blast!

But here, one Who fan has created a mix of both cams, Entwistle's bass track and the actual song. Essentially, it is the footage of "Won't Get Fooled Again," from the movie, which I'd like to add, is one of the most exciting versions of anything ever, with the Ox's bass way up front.

In case you had any doubts about Entwistle's bass playing...

(I'm not that relaxed when I'm asleep.)


Anonymous said...

Sal...if anyone has any doubts about Entwistle's playing...Jack, they ain't breathing.

FD13NYC said...

One of the best, the late Ox man. Of course he had to carry it over big and with such ease, it being a 3 piece band with singer.

Funny, I was just thinking of the great bass line in Bad Luck by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, some groovy stuff!