Friday, November 12, 2010

"Joe Jackson-Look! Covers!" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I'm pretty sure I haven't done something like this before. If I did, you can let me know with a snide comment. Or, you can just ring my doorbell and run away.

During his live performances, Joe Jackson has always found some time to pay tribute to the songwriters who have influenced his own music, citing Lennon & McCartney, David Bowie, Andy Partridge, Todd Rundgren and Becker & Fagen as some of his very faves. I've collected more than a few dozen of these covers from various years and sources. And for you Burning Woodies, I've put together a Philanthropist's Dozen. (That would be a Baker's dozen plus an additional half dozen, less two.)

The quality runs from good to excellent and the performances are all worth a spin. Everyone from Zappa and the Ramones to the boys I mentioned earlier get the call out.

Oh, and if anyone runs into the imbecile from the Amsterdam show who was whistling during "Anyone Who Had A Heart" & "Can We Still Be Friends," could you please smack him in the nose! I mean, who whistles to themselves at a rock concert?

(And how about my cool artwork, eh?)

Enjoy, and have a good weekend!


Reeling In The Years
Karma Police
Mayor Of Simpleton
You Can't Do That
Anyone Who Had A Heart
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Dirty Love
Can We Still Be Friends
I Feel Possessed
You Can't Be Too Strong
Knowing Me, Knowing You
Senses Working Overtime
King Of The World
Eleanor Rigby
I Can't Give You Anything
Scary Monsters



Maestro said...

Something is wrong with the zip file. It downloads but I cannot open it. Repost please and thank you.

Sal Nunziato said...

Sorry Maestro, my bad. all is fine now.

Shriner said...

Really? "Dirty Love"?

This has moved to the top of my "must listen to this weekend" list!

JB said...

No snide comments, but FWIW I have a handful of Joe Jackson covers in my iTunes library (Genre: "Sal") that were downloaded on 6/6/09. This new zip includes all of those and a few new ones.

When you are sharing good stuff like this, please feel free to repeat yourself.

Sal Nunziato said...

Oops! You are right, JB. Looks like 7 additional tracks. (I'm slipping.)

Thanks for being kind.

Dolphy said...


Thanks for the cool JJ covers. And thanks for the cover of the cover album.

I admit I don't recognize the authorship of three songs in the middle.


Sal Nunziato said...

Dolphy, Which 3?

Dolphy said...


Dirty Love
Can We Still..
I Feel possessed

I am listeningto Scary Monsters right now, great stuff

Sal Nunziato said...

Dirty Love- Frank Zappa
Can We Still Be Friends- Todd Rundgren
I Feel Possessed- Neil Finn (Crowded House)

Albert said...

Yes, I downloaded a similar version of Joe covers from you before Sal, but man, this one has some extra ones that make it quite tasty. Love the Todd Rundgren cover of "Friends" and the version of Steely Dan's "King Of The World" is just wonderful. Got any more hanging around?

steves said...

I like JJ's music just fine, but his attitude leaves a lot to be desired. Had a Simels-Zappa-esque experience with him years ago, and the bad aftertaste still lingers on. These are great though. Thanks!

misospecial said...

wunnerful wunnerful. tenks, sal!

Anonymous said...

Why thank you! Wonderful idea!

JENG said...

I've been looking for Mayor of Simpleton for months. If this does come out on an album I will definitely buy it but I'm so glad to find this. Thank you.

JENG said...

I'm going to buy one of Joe Jackson songs on itunes to not really compensate him for finding this cover' I feel so guilty but this song is SO GOOD. Sal, Thank you so much.

(so sad that in real life being a Mayor of Simpleton really sucks)