Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Lead Balloon Of Blog Posts

The minute I hit the "publish" button on yesterday's post, I thought, "This isn't very good." My cute little request for audience participation even prompted one reader to write, "Sal, I think it's time for you to take a walk and get some air."

I don't think the reader's comment was mean-spirited, but it did help precipitate the already bad feelings I had with the post. It's not easy doing this everyday. EVERYDAY! The ideas don't always come. For instance, what I really wanted to post yesterday was a story about this woman in my neighborhood who sells two dollar sweaters. (See?)

As it turns out many of you submitted entries, so the response made me feel a little better.

As for the all of the musical rip-offs/homages suggested, there are many to sift through, but I think I can piece together something worthwhile.

Thanks to everyone.

And apologies, if an occasional post is not quite up to snuff. You should see what I don't publish.



Anything Should Happen said...

Don't worry Sal, we are used to you being tedious.

FD13NYC said...

Hey Sal, it was a good idea and a good post. Gets readers' brain juices flowing, nothing wrong with that. It must surely be hard to come up with concepts and ideas for The Wood everyday. You do just fine my friend. As I've said before, I wish I had my own blog, just don't have the time, energy or patience for it. I certainly have the music collection and a little brain power left to offer.

I could contribute to yours every once in a while, if you'll have me. Technically I really don't know how to go about it. Let's talk and hash something out sometime, seriously.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks guys. You know from the very first post over two years, I welcomed outside contributions, so if you ever have an idea just write it up and send it to me.

steve simels said...

As she often does, Lily Tomlin says it best.

"I worry that drugs are making us more creative than we really are."


MAÑANA Indeed!

Sal, I thought the post was a cool idea and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

On an only slightly related matter ... Now that you've had a few days with the Springsteen what do you make of it? (I say slightly related because sometimes it feels like Bruce playing off Bruce -- I'm still trying to get my head around his trying different lyrics / music on songs we know.)

I like the songs on The Promise but can't say I would have replaced any of the ten on Darkness. Interesting to see what a good editor he is -- if these were the 30 songs to pick from I think he got the right 10.

I saw the documentary at the Toronto Film Festival and really like it -- I'm glad to to have it and the other concert / outtake bits on the DVDs. The one thing in the package I love is the "live" (can it really be live without an audience) version of Darkness. If Darkness was about boys becoming men now, 30 years later, we have mature artists still on top of their game looking back (as we all are) on an important moment.

All in all a good week for my listening.

steves said...

Frankly, I didn't see anything wrong with yesterday's post. Though it was pretty good, in fact. But then, what do I know?

Anonymous said...

Sal, absolutely nothing wrong with asking for some audience participation. Indeed, it's welcome! I just added a couple more "homages" in the comments of the original post.


Christine said...

Poppycock! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the post, and you should never, ever apologize for supplying the masses with free music, interesting reviews, and a good laugh.

Fielding said...

to be quite honest, i racked my brain - still hurts - trying to come up with "rip off" songs but could not for the life of me come up with ANY. if the audience participation request was "Rush songs with trees in it" i could have given you at least 2...