Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Requests Fulfilled (Part Three): "Todd" Live

As promised, here is the "Todd" portion of the Keswick Theatre pay per view. This set actually opened the show, with "Healing" representing the second half. I've already raved about both on these pages, and while I don't expect you to be quite as moved by the audio as the crowd was by being there, I think you'll enjoy it just the same.


How About A Little Fanfare
I Think You Know
The Spark Of Life
An Elpee's Worth Of Tunes
A Dream Goes On Forever
Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song
Drunken Blue Rooster
The Last Ride
Everybody's Going To Heaven
No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator
Useless Begging
Sidewalk Cafe
Izzat Love
Heavy Metal Kids
Don't You Ever Learn



Beatle Bob said...

YES!!!! Awesome!!

James A. Gardner said...

Thanks for posting the Todd shows! I've heard they were amazing, and now I can hear for myself.
(I understand the concept of the concerts, but if I'd written "Just One Victory," I would have to close every show with it.)

Peter Monk said...

This is a real treat... makes me wish I had been there in the audience! Which I will be, if he ever does one of these "full album shows" in the Southeast.

Runt Fan said...

I have been enjoying this so much... thanks for posting, Sal. I don't even have cable, much less pay per view, so I would have missed it. Feliz Navidad!!

Anonymous said...

Really good...I mean really really good.....thanks again.