Friday, January 7, 2011

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" : THE WEEKEND MIX

As promised, I'm closing out the week with a product of the year-end events that inspired me.  You don't have to be Schopenhauer to figure out the theme. 

As usual, "The Weekend Mix" got a preview or two, as well as some editing, before completion. I like the way it all plays together.

A few quick notes:

I don't usually like Billy May's brash style of arranging, but his work with Nat "King" Cole is stellar, and with all due respect to Hank Williams and Tony Bennett, this version of "Cold, Cold Heart" is still my favorite.

I've mentioned The Galaxies before. This is a band I was hipped to by my friend Jeff, and this particular song,  "An Ocean Between Us," tears my heart out.
(Stay tuned for Jeff's excellent "Best Of 2010" list, which has been submitted, approved, and now sits in the on-deck circle.)

I know some of you never got on the Black Crowes train, but they remain one of my very favorite live bands. Their studio output has been very uneven the last few years, but 2009's "Before The Frost" was one of the best of their career. This track, "Cold Boy Smile," which I think dates back 6-7 years, only just got recorded and released on the band's supposed farewell album "Crowesology." I'm happy it did, as it has always killed me live.

Once again, thank you for your indulgence with all things Brooklyn. I'm not sure if it's out of my system. (Actually, I don't really want it to be. But I will spare you the details.)  The end of a year can really do a number on people, and a swim in Coney Island seemed liked the right elixir. 



Hello Brooklyn- The Beastie Boys
Dirty Water- The Standells
Baby, It's Cold Outside- Pezband
Washed By The Water- Will Hoge
An Ocean Between Us- The Galaxies
Coney Island Baby- The Excellents
The Swimming Song- Loudon Wainwright III
She's So Cold- The Rolling Stones
Brooklyn Roads- Neil Diamond
Cold, Cold, Heart- Nat "King" Cole
Swimming- Little Dragon
Cold Boy Smile- The Black Crowes
Wade In The Water- Stars Of Virginia
Coney Island- Van Morrison



steve simels said...

That Galaxies song is the most gorgeous thing I heard this year.

Christine said...

Thank you Sal. I finally, successfully, downloaded this into my iTunes, but nearly had a heart attack when "Hello Brooklyn" started.

Sal Nunziato said...

The Beastie Boys are geniuses. Do you know what you've been doing wrong with iTunes? It's a shame all those other great "Weekend Mixes" never made it to your computer.

Christine said...

The zip files downloaded with no problem, and quickly--I just didn't know where the hell they went after that. Now I've found them all!

Sal Nunziato said...

Right, but will you be able to always find them?

Christine said...

Ha ha! Was Rome built in a day?

Seriously, I will find them. Thank you.

Dolphy said...

One of the great underrated 70's bands Full Moon ,featuring Buzzy Feiten, Philip Wilson and Neil Larsen, had a great song called "Take this winter out of my mind" and there are several great Albert Collins tunes that you could add to this mix.

soundsource said...

just loaded the mix into itunes, love the mix but ya gotta love the cover art. not complaining but how come there are a few songs with no covers? just curious
Just saw the previous comment couldn't agree more about full moon, great band. actually all the guys in it except for neil larsen played together in the one of the last versions of the butterfield blues band. Buzzy is one of those great under appreciated guitar players like Jim McCarty from the Detroit Wheels.

iggy said...

Hey Sal. Just discovered you and I'm glad I did. Can't wait to hear this mix and start exploring the rest of your efforts. Have a warm weekend. All the best.


Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Iggy. How did you find me?

Robin said...


I just discovered you too (right before Christmas). I can tell you how I found you. A Google Beatles search and your September post, "The Beatles Are Not Overrated. The Hold Steady Are" was one of the top hits. Loved that post and then dug into past posts during some holiday time off here on snowy Long Island. Great work, great mixes! Thanks for the link to the Powerpop blog that I'm also enjoying.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Robin! Never get tired of hearing it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sal,
This post reminded me I DO need to check out Van's "Avalon Sunset" album b/c of the track you'd posted... I've avoided that album for years, which is saying a lot b/c I have about 58 Van LPs including boots. But that "Coney Island" track is absolutely essential Van. Thanks for pointing it out to me, man.
Ben from North Carolina