Friday, January 14, 2011

"Buy Some Swag" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Swag's time in the spotlight was all too fleeting, not to mention that said spotlight never really got above 25 watts, anyhow.

Here was a power pop "supergroup" consisting of members, official or honorary, of Cheap Trick, Wilco, The Mavericks, and Sixpence None The Richer, as well as Doug Powell, Todd Rundgren (who overdubbed Trick bassist Tom Petersson's bass parts for a re-release when Cheap Trick's management decided to give a shit and demand all Cheap Trick memorabilia be removed from the album cover, as well as any of Petersson's involvement), Bill Lloyd, and producer Brad Jones.

It all started in the late 90s with a Christmas song that appeared on an indie compilation, followed by a 7", and then the 2001 debut full length CD, "Catch All," which I will go on record as saying, is one of the greatest pieces of pop brilliance in the history of pop brilliances.

I saw them play a very short gig, opening for The Mekons, with a line-up that included Jerry Dale McFadden, Robert Reynolds, Tom Petersson, Doug Powell, and Ken Coomer. I've been obsessed ever since, especially knowing they recorded a cover of The Who's "Early Morning Cold Taxi" for a still unreleased tribute.  (Please! Find that for me.)

Hungry for more, I started compiling anything I could find---b-sides, solo tracks, songs by related artists, really....anything.

This is what I came up with. It includes the aforementioned 7" and Christmas single, as well as some odd ball tracks and album cuts by most of the Swag constituency.

Sweet Lucinda- Swag
Every Little Truth- Swag
Bye Bye Magpie- Doug Powell
My Before & After- Cotton Mather
When She Awoke (Demo)- Doug Powell
All I Get- The Mavericks
Thirteen- Wilco
She Satisfies- Doug Powell
I Don't Want To Tie You Down- Bill Lloyd
Step Inside- Bill Lloyd
Automatic Soup- Robin Zander
True Love Ways- The Mavericks
Everyday Is Christmas- Swag


Swag's debut, "Catch-All," is available for 49 cents on Amazon. I urge everyone to buy it! You will NOT be sorry. 49 cents doesn't even buy you 48 cents, these days! You know, when I was a kid, we had to walk 12 blocks to find a store with a pinochle deck. I was so ugly, my mother used to feed me with a slingshot. Things were so bad....ok...sorry.

Here, listen to 2 tracks, on me:




misospecial said...

thanks, this is great stuff! passing it on...

cmealha said...

I agree. I've got a couple of tracks that I got from you that are absolutely stunning and I just never got around to getting the album. Thanks for the heads on on Amazon. The $0.49 CD is no longer available. Thanks for the rest

soundsource said...

great album that i picked up all those years ago at the suggestion of one of the owners of the now deceased NYCD. Great record then great record now.

Ken D said...

I have the Swag CD... I didn't realize is was such a collectors' item. 49 cents!
Haven't pulled it out in a while, though. I guess that will change this weekend. Many thanks for the extra tracks.

Noam Sane said...

Great stuff, Sal, appreciate the heads-up.

HippieMess said...

Hi Sal. As a "Swag-ite" myself I can really appreciate this post. I may have a couple of tracks you don't have, or didn't use here. How would I get them to you?

Kouzie said...

I've got the the 7" and CD. But do you also have the 10" picture disc? I totally forgot I had until I was just packing up my albums last week to get ready to move.

Here's the info from Insounds:

Sal Nunziato said...

I would love any tracks I am missing. If you leave a comment with your e-mail address, I won't post it.

I'll e-mail you then.


And Kouzie,
Are the tracks on the pic disc any different the album versions?

Kouzie said...

You know Sal, I don't remember if the versions are the same, but if I had to guess, I think they are different.

I'm in the middle of moving, so it may be a bit before I can get to it to verify.

HippieMess said...

Sal, glad you got the tracks. One more thing before I slither back into the shadows,Please Please, PLEASE get yourself over to CD Baby and either download or order the album "Mountain Jack" by Brad Jones and Hans Rotenberry. I don't remember you mentioning it on this sight before, so if you have please excuse this rant. This is the best pop album I heard all of last year. I listened to it a couple of times and thought it was a fine album but by the third listen I was hooked! It took me weeks to get it out of the player! I would so hate for this to go largely unnoticed. The only problem with it is it's far too short. It leaves you wanting so much more. Great musicianship, great lyrics, just a wonderful pop album. A few months ago I was telling a friend of mine that I thought it picked up where SWAG left off. I'm on a Brad Jones kick these days anyway. But I think you would enjoy it is well as your readers. Rant over. Hope to talk with you again someday!

Sal Nunziato said...

What am I doing wrong? I'm getting nothing when I search on CD Baby for Mountain Jack, Brad or Hans?

David Handelman said...

I own Catch-All but had totally forgot I did (or even what it was). Thanks for the reminder.

HippieMess said...

Sal, you're right. For some reason it is no longer available on CDBaby as it was in late summer. However, it is available on Itunes and Napster. If you have trouble drop me a line (if you still have the address) and I'll blast it to you. I wouldn't be so persistent but I believe you would like this VERY much. Brad Jones and Hans (Shazam) Rotenberry are such talented pairing. Brad is easily one of my favorite producers. He knows how to put together a fantastic sounding record. I wouldn't give this such a build up if I didn't think that it deserved it. I do hope you find this at whatever source.

WHT said...

Excellent. A suggestion is to check out the band Swan Dive, which Brad Jones was in around the same time frame. The sound is instantly recognizable when I heard the two Swag tunes. Good cotton candy stuff, YMMV.

cryptique said...

For that cover of "Early Morning, Cold Taxi," see here.

The Who tribute that's been lost all these years is now being released, at long last.

Anonymous said...

Sal, your a GOD!! I have been trying to find a copy of "Every Little Truth" for YEARS!! Thank you!!