Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fitz & The Tantrums

I decided about a year ago that I no longer liked reading Rolling Stone. I didn't renew. I was sure I'd be missing nothing. Then, the magazines just started coming again. No bill or explanation. From the looks of the mailing label, I now have a subscription through October, 2011. I'm sure this isn't a local miracle, like the crying Saint at St. Demetrius. (Or was it an apple turnover that looked like Desi Arnaz? I forget.) The death of print is no laughing matter, and this extended, free (I think) but still unwanted subscription, is probably one of the many desperate attempts to keep readership. For free, RS is not that bad. For free, I don't mind the endless stories and photos of Lady Gaga and John Mayer.

The last couple of weeks I got to read Lennon's last interview, Bono's favorite Bowie songs, and a letter from a Morrissey fanatic who is losing sleep because writer Rob Sheffield compared the Moz to Taylor Swift...or something like that.

I did also find out that Fitz & The Tantrums is a very cool band out of Detroit, who sound like some of your fave Motown artists of the 60s, if maybe they crossed paths with the Dap Kings at an afternoon session in Brooklyn. Thing is, Daryl Hall said this 2 months earlier on his still very essential web show, "Live From Daryl's House." Unfortunately, I missed that episode, so I'm crediting RS for this welcome discovery.

Check out this record. I'm loving all of it, and this tune in particular is really helpful in making me forget some shit. It just happens to be the title track.


You can hear more, and maybe even buy it, below.



Hey Sal,

I first heard Fitz and the Tantrums on that Daryl Hall webcast and subsequently bought the album -- very cool!

Since you told me about Daryl's show I still figure you -- not Rolling Stone -- get the credit for introducing me to the band.

And not that we need it in early January ... they have a very cool Christmas song -- Santa Stole My Lady. I think you can hear it on their website.

DeepKarma said...

I stumbled over these guys in early '10...they had some song downloads available before the release of their debut album. They kickoff an east coast swing in Philly on the 18th and I'll be there. I think they hit NYC later that week. Looking forward to seeing if their live act lives up to my heightened expectations.

Anonymous said...

Sal, you're too cool to play the too-cool-to-read-Rolling Stone-game.
Embrace your inner Jann Wenner! You'll feel much better.

Sal Nunziato said...

I promise I am not too cool for Rolling Stone. I'm not too cool at all. Didn't I even say I liked the last John Mayer CD right here on these pages? I just don't like Rolling Stone...anymore.

I'd rather embrace my Mojo...uh...the magazine.

WHT said...

Noelle from the band did a Fleetwood Mac cover on which Daryl just strummed along, which I think was a first.

Anonymous said...

Sal, re the magazine, just be careful that you aren't accidentally set up on an automatic resubscribe scam, which has happened to me.


Anonymous said...

saw them with hepcat about a year ago...MEH!