Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Goin' Out Of My Radiohead

I have a developed a minor twitch in my right eye that oddly moves in the same rhythm as "Faust Arp" from the last Radiohead album.

While I tend to that, please enjoy, without irony, one of my favorite "generic 60's Sinatra" moments.


itsok2beright said...

Dude, you are losing way too much sleep over this. HP posters are extremists who are completely binary in thinking. Radiohead has had moments of brilliance through the years, but I would not put them on the pedestal that some followers will.

Though, in an attempt to try to 'get it' I am currently listening to everyone of their cd's in order of release. I will let you know if I make to the end without puncturing my eardrums, or putting my Muse cd's in.

Albert said...

I'm putting a stop to this right now...Radiohead is great..even when they're weird...which is ,like, always...that's it...end of discussion...if I don't see a Big Star or Jeff Lynne blog soon I'LL come after you....and remember: when Low came out after Station to Station we thought it was the end of the look...30 years from now, Kid A's gonna look pretty darn good and you're gonna feel pretty darn silly...I thank you.

Sal Nunziato said...

Hardly the point, Albert. But you're right about "Low."

steve simels said...

Radiohead: A good, occasionally great band with a propensity for taking themselves WAY too seriously and a pretty high bullshit quotient.

I think that just about covers it, no?

Anything Should Happen said...


Whether you and I agree with Sal or not isn't the issue surrounding the Huffington Post grief.

I am a fan that will be as big a fan as you, this and the last album have not been awful, they've just been misdirected boredom in the guise of advancement or experimentation.

I still love Radiohead and will always love them.

What I can't stick is this intolerance on HP that has to abuse other people's taste and get unreasonably defensive about a band.

It's only music, whether Sal likes Radiohead or not doesn't matter, just as it matters not one iota if they do adore Radiohead or not.

It's all about a point of view and freedom of thought.

I can listen to Radiohead's beloved Can all day long as easily as I can listen to Cheryl Cole's new single.

I may not like Cheryl Cole's new single but I can at least respect the people who do and be thankful that they are listening to music rather than spending the money on many other non music things that are around.

I've been told having the album for a few days is not enough time. Well I had it (under threat of firing squad if it went to other hands) for 5 weeks and it doesn't work for me.

If it works for others that's ace, but it still doesn't work for me.

It doesn't make the think any less of the band, but it does give me a suspicion of Radiohead fans.

I just have an inkling that others think the same but are frightened of saying this because it makes them look closed to new things.

Well Radiohead's recent output isn't new, it doesn't work for me and I will still want to hear the next album and the next as soon as I can.

Anything Should Happen said...

I don't often visit Huffington because it's usually that bit too worthy.

But I have just posted for two reasons. Firstly, I believe the grief was totally over the top and finally, I like Sal and his writing so much that I feel duty bound to.

I don't always agree with what he says but he says it well and that is all you need.

Steve's comment on Radiohead is probably pretty apt.

Two outstanding albums, didn't like the goldfish bowl so made music that is for themselves.

That is all well and good, but it is going to mean that only a sizeable click will like it and you go back to being cultish.

My problem is that that sizeable click should be tolerant enough to understand why others don't like it.

Eric said...

Frank shouts down Ella until final 30 secs. of synchronized vocalists par excellence...

AFTER WE ALL DIE---in the history of rock and roll/pop culture, Radiohead's lasting impact will equal Hugh Grant.