Friday, March 25, 2011

"The Q Live At The Bottom Line" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Boy do I miss The Bottom Line, $9 french fries and stupid bad sight lines notwithstanding. Know what else I really miss? Seeing NRBQ at the Bottom Line. Hell, I miss seeing NRBQ anywhere.

I dug this out just in time. I was headed for major Q withdrawal.

This is the late show from 8/24/78.

Green Light
Ain't No Free
That's All
Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie
It Feels Good
Wacky Tobacky
I Got A Rocket In My Pocket
Time & Place
Ridin' In My Car
I Love Her, She Loves Me
It Comes To Me Naturally
Accentuate The Positive
RC Cola & A Moon Pie



Anonymous said...

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!! Nice way to get the weekend started... thanks Sal!
- Wacky Tobacky

Anonymous said...

I've seen Q three times in L.A., once at Palomino, Bonnie Raitt came up on stage as a surprise guest and sang "Green Light" and "Me And The Boys". That was a great gig.
I've been to The Bottom Line twice(Poco and Suzanne Vega in 80's), it must have been great to see Q there.
Thanks, Sal.

Converse said...

Oh Baby! An arrow through the heart with this one. I miss these guys more than words can say.

My regular 'Q haunt was the Chestnut Cabaret, throughout most of the 80s. Dozens of shows, most were phenomenal.

And then there was the one at The Chance in Poughkeepsie around '85, when Frank Gadler showed up, and they blew the roof off the sucker with "HoJo Workin'".

I hate to say it, but hiring Johnny S. to play guitar was the end...just didn't have the chops or stage presence to balance out Terry at the other end of the stage. He's good, but they needed another Big Al type.

They also had some very poor representation toward the end...without naming names...but they were managed for a bit by a company out of SF that screwed things up royally.

But what can you do. Greatest band ever, sometimes. Thanks Sal.

Converse said...

After I posted my last comment, I scrolled down. Ho-lee-shit!

It's nice to get the news straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. I couldn't be more pleased, not just at the re-dedication of the name, but that Terry's health issues - which I were unaware of - seem to be behind him.

In that thread, Steve posted: Is it just me, or does his former bandmates response strike anybody as a little...cold?

There were money issues in NRBQ for years, is my understanding. Terry did the business and the booking for the most part, and so took extra cut probably (I believe, don't know this for sure, but anybody who has been in a band knows how this stuff works).

This lead to some resentment...check the song "She Got the House" from off God Bless Us All where Al changes the lyrics from "all the money the I made, well it looks like it's all gonna go to him" to "looks like it's all gonna go to Terry". Check his tone of voice...he's joking, but not joking.

It's clear that Terry was the guy working behind the scenes to get things done. Just compare situations - Terry's band has several records out and tours fairly regularly. Where's Baby Macaroni?

And I wish that weren't the case, because nobody's a bigger Joey Spamp fan than me. But anyway, this is really cool - I can go see NRBQ again, sort of.

Ken D said...

Thanks for this show, Sal. A couple of years before I moved to NYC so I know I wasn't there, though I saw the Q many times in Conn. in the '70s and many Bottom Line shows in the '80s and '90s ( Tramps and Lone Star as well). Good good times indeed.

There has been a debate on a NRBQ newsgroup re reviving the name when really there's only one true Q member. Some for, some against; both have a legit point. I go back and forth... I guess ultimately if Terry makes the kind of great music he always has, he can call it Strawberry Alarm Clock for all I care.

Anonymous said...

Incredible...thank you so much! Any more?! Wow...

rem2rigs said...

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