Friday, March 4, 2011

"Unreleased Finn Brothers" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Here's Stephen Thomas Erlewine and a bit of what he had to say on AMG about the Finn Brothers' 2004 release, "Everyone Is Here":

At its heart, this is an album about family -- specifically, about being brothers. This is the first time the Finns have written as directly and abundantly about their kinship, and unlike other famous rock siblings, the Finns' relationship is not only cordial but loving, which doesn't mean that it's any less complex than such legendarily combative brothers from the Everlys through the Gallaghers. Tim and Neil mine their relationship throughout the album -- the word "brother" seems to appear here more often than the entirety of their past work -- and they've come up with a moving set of songs that may not add up to a concept album yet are surely unified by a set of themes. Similarly, despite three different sets of producers (primarily Mitchell Froom, but also Jon Brion and Tony Visconti for individual tracks) the album boasts a unified sound, particularly in comparison to the rather ragged, seemingly unfinished Neil effort One Nil (distilled and strengthened in its American incarnation, One All) or Tim's Feeding the Gods. It's a meditative, expertly crafted mature pop record, filled with subtle sonic textures -- ranging from banjos to harmoniums, all adding colors to layers of primarily acoustic guitars -- that give this low-key, reflective music a rich variety of color. 


As much as I adore just about everything Neil & Tim have had a hand in, I'll vote for "Everyone Is Here" as their crowning achievement.

If you aren't familiar with this record, I strongly suggest a good walk around the park, just you and it. In the meantime, for those who are familiar, please enjoy "take one," as heard through the ears of Tony Visconti. Here is the rejected, Visconti-produced version of "Everyone Is Here."

The track list differs slightly to include some tracks that were later released as b-sides. The arrangements are occasionally different, as well. Some are better...I think. Some aren't...I... uh...also think. As my friend Steve Simels would say, "Compare and contrast."

One story is that the label heads thought it needed polishing, so in came Mitchell Froom with his reverb machine.  I wish had another story, but that's all I got...well...and this great rarity.


Anything Can Happen
Edible Flowers
Part Of Me
Luckiest Man
Way Back Down
Nothing Wrong With You
The Land Torments The Sea
A Life Between Us
Disembodied Voices
Won't Give In
Gentle Hum
All The Colours
Sunset Swim
Everyday Alright
Tell Me C'mon



Rushbo... said...

So let me get this straight. They did the album with Tony Visconti, That's TONY VISCONTI...and they deep sixed it?

Bloody hell.

This promoies to be an amazing find - thanks for sharing.

Sal Nunziato said...

Well, the label, which I think was the now defunct Santuary at the time, rejected. Not sure if Neil & Tim rejected.

Jeff in Denton TX said...

Thanks for this mix, Sal. "Everyone Is Here" is a stirring album and I'm looking forward to hearing these tracks.

A walk in the woods said...

Cool... I saw the Finns on the tour just before this album came out, and easily my fave song of that show was "Anything Can Happen" - it had the grit I sometimes find myself wanting more of in their music.

Great to have this alternate version of that high point in their career - thanks Sal!

artlazarus said...

I've had the alt mix for nearly a year. I don't remember where I downloaded it from (maybe from ASH, where there's a lot of great CH/Finn concerts for the taking). I prefer the Froom version, probably because it's the one I first heard and played so many times. You just can't erase the "psycho" dynamics from your mind once it's become embedded.

Kouzie said...

Why Tell Me C'mon was left off the released version of the album is beyond me. It's one of my very favorite Finn tracks ever!

Anonymous said...



Sal Nunziato said...

Just checked the file and the zip, and all is well. What's happening on your end, Anon? Nothing much I can do here.

Anonymous said...

Sal - thank you SO MUCH for posting this!!! :)

I have searched for both this version and the 'single only" b-side tracks from the Visconti session for so long, without any success. until just now :)

Thank you for sharing, I am looking forward to giving this a good listen.

wardo said...

I've been listening to the released mix of "Nothing Wrong With You" for the past 18 or so hours, and in a search to find more information about this album, came across this post. Thanks for keeping it up. Even without hearing it I know I'll prefer it to the Froom mix -- that guy can barely mix drinks, much less tracks.

Anonymous said...

Years later, and people (me!) are still discovering this upload. Thanks!