Saturday, April 30, 2011

Li'l Band O' Gold

C.C Adcock, lead guitarist and swaggering tool of the Louisiana supergroup Li’l Band O‘ Gold, squashed all hopes of the heavily rumored special guest appearance of Robert Plant at last night’s House Of Blues show, with his opening remarks as the band tuned up. “Contrary to speculation, there will be no special guests.”

When I purchased the tickets to the show, I hadn’t thought about anything but seeing LBOG, but of course, you hear things and you get excited. Mr. Plant sat with the band before, and last year’s tribute to Bobby Charles, saw Elvis Costello taking the mic for a mini-set.

Adcock’s comment seemed bitter, as if he thought we were all there to hear “Stairway To Heaven.” Once, LBOG started playing though, I got over his attitude, which I’d like to point out, I experienced first hand once before. He had played a solo show in a New Orleans hotel lobby. There were no more than 25 people in the room, but the band still kicked ass.  After an hour, he asked if anyone had any requests. I shouted out a tune, to which he replied, “That’s my other band.” A few more songs, and he asked for another request. I shouted out one more. He shot back, “What the fuck man, that’s my other band.”

It should be noted, C.C. Adcock had exactly three records out at the time, one with LBOG and 2 under his own name. He had already played most of both his solo records. What were we supposed to request? It’s not like I shouted out “Which Way You Goin’ Billy?”

Anyway, I'm on vacation, right? Nonetheless, Warren Storm, Steve Riley, David Egan and C.C., collectively known as Li'l Band O'Gold, put on a 2 hour show, that left no one, not even Zep fans, anything but satisfied. As for special guest, Adcock was half right, as Shannon McNally came out for two songs.


Anonymous said...

Warren Storm - jeez, he's still playing.

If you see him again tell him there's some old geezer back in the UK who thinks his 'Seven Letters' is one of the truly great soul vocals!!

As for his drumming at Jay Miller's studio - he is a giant.

It's made my day to know that you saw him.
Many, many thanks for the good news.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was dissapointed and wanted to play stairwaay with Plant?

soundsource said...

c.c. may be an asshole but he does kick ass and he's got one funky guitar. keep keepin on

kevin m said...

Sal, you actually turned me on to CC a few years back at NYCD. You said something like he was a "swampy Keith Richards", or something like that. Nevertheless, I bought the CD and loved it. Will have to check out LBOG.

Leon said...

Sounds awesome.... I love Bobby Charles' music so, like you, just hearing those songs would have been plenty. The Bobby Charles album with "Street People" is one of my favorites.

Troy said...

Glad you got to see such a great show!