Friday, April 1, 2011

"Phil Spector Produces Bob Dylan" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Not really. My first thought was to post the never before released Phil Spector produced Bob Dylan album from 1968, with song titles like "Talkin' Da Doo Ron Ron Blues," "Wait 'Til My Zimmy Gets Home," and "Most Likely You Go Your Way, And I'll Pull Out My Revolver & Shoot You." But I thought my readers too smart to fall for such malarkey.

This mix will have to do. I like it. A lot.

If anything hits you, please say so. Any questions? Please ask.


A Fool In Love- Ike & Tina Turner
Always There To Fool You- Paul Weller
I Was A Fool- The Casanova II
Foolish Pride- Daryl Hall
Who Will The Next Fool Be- Charlie Rich
April Fool- Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane
I'm A Fool To Want You- Frank Sinatra
April Fools- Aretha Franklin
Mama Didn't Raise No Fools- Sugar Pie DeSanto
Biggest Fool In Town- Gorgeous George
Only A Fool- The Black Crowes
Fools & Their Fences- Clint Maedgen
Fools In Love- Joe Jackson
The Fool- Richard Thompson
Fools Like Me- Geraint Watkins
Get Yourself Another Fool- Sam Cooke
Running Out Of Fools- Elvis Costello
Ship Of Fools- World Party
My Foolish Heart- John McLaughlin
April Fools- Rufus Wainwright



A guy called Tak said...

The Fool/Quicksilver Messenger Service
Only A Fool Would Say That/Steely Dan
Fool(If You Think It's Over)/Chris Rea
Baby I'm A Fool/Melody Gardot
Everybody's Fool/Teenage Fanclub
Fool/Over The Rhine
Foolproof/Ron Sexsmith
Like A Fool/Shelby Lynne
No More The Fool/Elkie Brooks
Ship Of Fools/John Cale

James A. Gardner said...

Thank you for excluding "Fooled Around and Fell In Love," I song I thought was terrific until I saw Mickey Thomas -- sorry, "Starship" eviscerate it on the Live from Itchycoo Park video.

Sal Nunziato said...

Still one of my very favorite guitar solos, James.

Shriner said...

Some other classic Fool songs:

Dancin' Fool/Frank Zappa (!)
You Make A Fool Out Of Me/Brendan Benson
Fools Must Die/The Pretenders
Social Fools/Devo
She's A Fool/Leslie Gore
Captain Sad and his Ship of Fools/The Cowsills

and of course:

Everybody Plays The Fool/The Main Ingredient

"...dig this..."

steve simels said...

Anybody mention "The Fool," one of the standout tracks from the absolutely brilliant "Elvis Country" album?

It's a rockabilly cover, and it kills....

Sal Nunziato said...

Actually, I put Richard Thompson's version on the mixm Steve.

allen vella said...

Agreed on Elvin's of the sweetest...
and World Party..never get tired of that tune...
Mucho Gracias Senor Sal

misospecial said...

probably going to get me the cold shoulder, but i'd add "what a fool believes," although it probably doesn't get included because it's, shall we say, gotten adequate exposure on the airwaves. still, a great song, with a riff todd almost stole in "where does the time go?"

and thanks especially for johnny m's "my foolish heart." a longtime favorite, it inhabits a space all its own.

Sal Nunziato said...

"What A Fool Believes" is a hall of fame tune, and wasn't left off for any particular reason. Now, I'm sorry it ISN'T included.

steve simels said...

Sal -- that's what I get for typing faster than I can read.

James A. Gardner said...

Sal wrote: Still one of my very favorite guitar solos, James.

Elvin's great in my IMO, too (on that entire album). I just wish for a karaoke version so I could stand to hear it again.

Maybe next year!
This is a great mix!

James A. Gardner said...

Shriner said:
She's a Fool/Leslie Gore

Great song with one of the most hysterical backup vocal lines on the chorus. What are those guys singing, "Shag-a-doola"?!

Les said...

Went back for seconds on the Sugar Pie DeSanto, Joe Jackson and Sam Cooke. Hit the spot!

Noam Sane said...

There's also Elvis C's "You Little Fool" from Imperial Bedroom, not a bad little ditty.

And Dee Dee Warwick's Foolish Fool, a pretty fine old R&B side.

I always loved that Elvin Bishop song, but I can't listen to it any more, having had the extreme displeasure of spending time with him back when I was writing for a blues rag. I hate when that happens.

But I love this mix, Sal, it's going on the 'pod.

misospecial said...

yes to EC's "you little fool" and also to "must have run out of fools" (EC covers it on Kojak Variety, and i'm paraphrasing the title.

great set, sal. sugar pie rules.

Sal Nunziato said...

Running Out Of Fools is here.

Bill said...

That Townshend/Lane song is one of my favorite Ronnie Lane songs. I was singing it all day today. You know he was born on April 1, don't you?

Too bad Elvis Costello didn't play his Fool songs at the Gramercy tonight. He did open with I Hope You're Happy Now, though. Close enough, I guess.

misospecial said...

re EC: doi(!), sloppy of me...

Anonymous said...

OK, again you have reminded me I just need to go ahead and get everything Hall & Oates, separately or together, have ever put out. I love the Daryl Hall cut here.

Yeah, that means I'll eventually even be buying "Three Hearts In A Happy Ending Machine."

Thanks for that dent in my wallet, and perhaps, my "musical coolness" pride, Sal. Oh well...

jeff said...

was "Fool on the HIll" too obvious?