Friday, April 8, 2011

"Richard Thompson & Shawn Colvin" : THE WEEKEND MIX

From Valentine's Day of 1994, please enjoy a stellar, late show set from Richard Thompson and Shawn Colvin, recorded at NYC's legendary Bottom Line.

This performance has it all--great guitar playing, Band covers, a Neil Finn cover, and the very droll humor of both RT and SC. 


It Makes No Difference
I Can't Wake Up To Save My Life
Diamond In The Rough
Taking My Business Elswhere
Tear Stained Letter
Knowing What I Know
Polaroids - R & B Medley
Easy There Steady Now
The Sun Never Shines On The Poor
Set The Prarie On Fire
I Misunderstood
Talk - Wild Mountain Thyme (Tease) - Talk
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
A Heart Needs A Home
Wall Of Death
Four Seasons In One Day



steve simels said...

Someday remind me to tell you my Shawn Colvin/Richard Thompson story.

Let's just say she never thanked me.

Anonymous said...

Not apropos of Thompson and Colvin, but did you see your boy Todd Rundgren was in the audience at American Idol Wednesday and got a huge shout out from Randy Jackson, who seemed to imply that they'd worked together? And it wasn't even Utopia week! Then Iggy Pop performed last night, shirtless of course. My 14-year-old daughter went from being repulsed to thinking he was kind of cool by the end of his song. What any of this means about the future of American music, I don't know.

Bruce H.

Noam Sane said...

I noticed that Thompson is supporting John Prine on a few dates this summer...keep an eye out.

James A. Gardner said...

Our local music co-op (who just brought The Blasters here two weeks ago) brought Richard Thompson in for a solo show a few years back. If anyone had been on the fence about him as a guitarist (or singer, or overall entertainer) going in, they left as believers. An amazing show.

Thanks, Sal, this looks great!

A guy called Tak said...

Thanks, Sal. I love Shawn since her debut album "Steady On". She is a superb performer and a writer. Most of all, I love her VOICE.

The PopCulturist said...

Thanks for this, Sal! Really sorry to hear of your decision regarding the blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Am enjoying this v. much.

Rick J said...

Thanks for the mix. I like it a lot.

Dave Lifton said...

Finally getting to this. Thanks so much.