Monday, May 9, 2011

My Weakness

I'm not sure how many of you know this, but I am a huge fan of Todd Rundgren.  ~wink~

I had mixed feelings about Rundgren's 2008 release "Arena" when it was first released. I wrote about it and the subsequent tour for The Huffington Post. You can read that HERE.  Even the man himself said a few words about my comments.

Since then, "Arena," its cheesy production aside, has become one of my oft-played Todd records, and the ballad "Weakness," has secured a permanent slot in my Rundgren Top 10.

"Weakness," with its powerful, pleading lyrics rival the heyday, when Todd would bare his soul and in turn force you to surrender yours.

I've been hooked on this tune since the end of 2008, and more than ever these last few days.

I don't keep a lot of secrets
But the ones I do will die with me
It's not because I'm hiding something
A trusted friend I try to be
But when every adversary lies in wait to test me
My world they would undo
And they'd break me down to nothing if they only knew

That you are my weakness, my weakness
You're my Achilles' Heel
The flame that melts the steel in my heart

I don't pretend to be objective
I will always come down on your side
But every time I see or hear or smell you
My bias grows more hard to hide
And when the truth must be protected
I find myself distracted
My duty I abuse
And in the battle's clamor
The flaw within my armor
Might shake the secret loose

There's no ties
As far as anybody knows, no surprise
As far as anybody knows, you and I
As far as anybody knows, have no ties
And as far as they know, my will is bulletproof
And I'd be no good to no one
If they knew the truth

That you are my weakness, my weakness
You are my Kryptonite
The sun that shines a light on my soul

Used copies of "Arena" are selling for $2. I strongly suggest giving this record a chance.


And while I have you...

It's been a bit of time since we did a "Todd On Mondays," post, so I'd like to throw this one in as well. From the second installment of Rundgren on Live From Daryl's House, a version of Todd's "The Last Ride" that rivals any one of the classic performances of the 70s.

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of either or neither, if you're a music fan, you'll appreciate the performance.


jayway said...

"The Last Ride" was un-freakin'-believable!

cmealha said...

I, like you, believe that Todd has created some of the most beautiful music ever created by a human being and I've been a fan since 'We Gotta Get You A Woman'. You know how I feel about 'Arena' but, for you, I went back and listened with an open mind.
While I can hear some flashes of what we all love about him in the chorus and last minute or so, and the great lyrics notwothstanding, it doesn't touch me like it does you. 'The Last Ride', on the other hand, is sweet!

Leon said...

I felt like that about "Arena" when it came out too. So much so, I passed on getting it altogether, which is odd for me to do for an artist I like so much. But I agree, it's really grown on me, what I've heard. (Still don't own it yet!)

Liars is a similar one. I didn't dig it at first (maybe it's that freaky cover?), but I now think it's one of the best damn things he's ever done.

I am listening to some Todd here at work (very first album) and hoping he tours again this year...

Noa Sane said...

"Weakness" is indeed great, great stuff. I, too, have been softening on Arena - other than the AC/DC number...hey, you gotta draw the line somewhere. But still, a bit of a bring down from Liars...kind of like 2nd Wind was after Nearly Human.

That's a great article in HuffPo and Todd makes a valid point - but the subjectivity he refers to applies to you too, I'd say your opinion on that is every bit as valid as your thoughts on song quality.

Leon said...

Noa Sane, nice comparison regarding "Arena" to how "2nd Wind" followed "Nearly Human" - that's it!

Anonymous said...

That Last Ride performance was awesome! I didn't know they did some "Daryl's House" shows from, uh, outside his house... (looks like somewhere near Todd's house actually)

Sal Nunziato said...

Good one Noam. My sentiments exactly, re" 2nd Wind & "Liars."

As for the AC/DC track, it is such a great guitar solo though.