Friday, May 13, 2011

Oy To The Vey

It wasn't me this time. I swear.

Blogger has been messed up since Wednesday. Yesterday's post is gone and I've only been able to get this up, for the time being.

The "Weekend Mix" is prepped and ready. So, don't go too far. If not later today, first thing tomorrow. Of course, this is not only up to me, but Blogger, as well.

I thank you.


Eric said...

"Oy To The Vey"---what Custer said to the troops after the Indians took down his blog.

steve simels said...

I know the feeling.

FD13NYC said...

Any hint as to the Weekend Mix? I'm jonesing a little.

The blogpeople should fix it shortly. At least it's not like the Sony Playstation catastrophe.

Peter said...

I know where you're coming from, Sal. Blogger got all weird on me as well over the last few days. "Boo" to technology. But it looks like it's all up and running for both of us now. "Yay" to technology!