Friday, June 10, 2011

"Elvis Costello's Big Wheel Finale" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I had hoped to piece together a mix, that collected all of the odd tracks and covers from Elvis Costello's current "Spinning Songbook" tour. With the endless supply of sources for live recordings on the internet, I thought this would be easy,  if a bit time consuming. But, as it happens, many of the recordings that have been made available just haven't sounded that good; an oddity in this day and age of such high-tech/unobtrusive recording devices. 

If that wasn't enough to put a cramp in my project, the Boston show with special guest Peter Wolf, hasn't turned up at all.  I had been looking forward to their duet on the J. Geils classic, "Cry One More Time." Aside from a not-so-good You Tube video, I've had no luck.

BUT...the final night at NYC's Beacon Theatre sounded good enough to my ears to offer up in its entirety, and it had a marathon set list with most of the odd songs and covers from the tour.  That said, here is "THE WEEKEND MIX."


This is not a stunning soundboard recording. It is a very nice, completely enjoyable, audience recording, that when turned up loud, should make you feel as if you are right there.

It is also a very long show, so it is broken down into two parts.

As for the show itself, I know that being there was a treat, but in listening back, I'm not sure if all of the covers worked. You can decide. Still, it is one special performance.


Elvis Costello & The Imposters
New York
May 24th, 2011

Overture - featuring the return of the former Mother Superior of Our Lady of Perpetual Torment, Dixie De La Fontaine

I Hope You’re Happy Now
Heart Of The City
Mystery Dance
Radio Radio

The Spectacular Spinning Songbook

Veronica – SPIN 1

“Joanna” Jackpot – SPIN 3

Pills And Soap
Detectives vs Hoover Factory

Hoover Factory
Watching The Detectives

“Napoleon Solo” Jackpot – SPIN 4 (DEFERRED)

“Imperial Chocolate” Jackpot – SPIN 5 by Questlove of The Roots

Shabby Doll – from “Imperial Bedroom”
Beyond Belief – from “Imperial Bedroom”
I Want You – from “Blood And Chocolate”

Black And White World – TOTAL IMPROMPTU – with Questlove on drums and Pete Thomas on background vocals

Let Me Roll It – IMPROMPTU

Accidents Will Happen – SPIN 6

Chelsea – Spin 7

Hand In Hand - IMPROMPTU
And Your Bird Can Sing – IMPROMPTU


License To Kill – “Napoleon Solo”

“King’s Ransom” Jackpot – FIX

Indoor Fireworks – with Jim Lauderdale and the Imposters
I Lost You – with Jim Lauderdale and the Imposters
Brilliant Mistake – with Jim Lauderdale and the Imposters

“Girl” Jackpot – SPIN 8

This Year’s Girl
Earthbound – IMPROMPTU
Honey, Are You Straight Or Are You Blind? – IMPROMPTU
Party Girl
Purple Rain - IMPROMPTU


Out Of Time
Pump It Up
Peace, Love And Understanding




Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal -- this show is great fun!

I loved yesterday's post too and tried to make a comment but seem still to be having Google / Blogger account issues -- go figure.

I'll try just posting as Anonymous and see if that works.

Have a great weekend.



James A. Gardner said...

Amazing set list. Can't wait to give it a spin. Thank you.

Leon said...

Downloading now - looking forward to hearing it. I am a fool for Prince covers, so looking forward to Purple Rain especially.


Christine said...

Thank you, Sal. This will be useful as I PREPARE myself for my first Elvis show at the Borgata.

steves said...

Looks great! DL'ing now. Thanks a bunch!

P.S. Sorry for being such a crab yesterday. Hot weather makes me grumpy.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, thanks! This looks like hours of fun. (I knows a bunch of people in the Boston "trading" community - if I can come up w/ that Wolf encore. it's yours. - bill buckner

elizabeth said...

Mixed feelings - will this make me feel worse for not being able to go to his show in my own city next Saturday(I've traveled several times to see him) or make up for it? Seriously, much appreciated.

Eric said...

great...saw him do this spin show with david hildago@wiltern many moons ago....

never heard him play tokyo storm warning....fine lyrics in dat one..

Big Jim Slade said...

Right on - thanks!!!

wardo said...

Thanks for this, Sal -- though I'm afraid once I listen to it I'll be even more bruised from kicking myself for missing it in person.