Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Street Date: 5/31/11...except it's not.



I don't believe any amount of hyperbole is going to turn a non-believer into a believer with this one. So I will keep it brief. If you're not a Pearl Jam fan, don't bother. This won't make you one. If you don't like Pearl Jam because of Eddie Vedder. Please leave now. But, as much as I laughed at this when I first heard of its release, I can't stop listening to it.

It works because it's sincere, and the man writes some gorgeous songs. I love it. Check out "Without You," or his take on the standard "Once In A While."



Each record by MMJ since 2003's "Z" has been a 50/50 proposition. I love half and I hate half. "Circuital" is different because, while I don't love anything, I kinda like it all. I've especially grown fond of Jim Jones' voice, and here on "Circuital," the big time FM radio arrangements are infectious. There's a $5.00 download on Amazon right now.

While you're there, check out "Victory Dance" and "First Light," my two faves.



Last year Peter Gabriel delivered his first album in 8 years, the gloomy and wretched "Scratch My Back," a collection of cover versions that boasted "no guitars or drums." OH BOY! Sign me up.

Now, this other one with the work ethic of Otis The Drunk, delivers her first in 6 years--reworked versions of songs from two of her least popular records. Another electrifying idea.  I listened so you won't have to.

Seriously, Pete...Katie....sell the rest of your instruments, buy a couple of hammocks, maybe have a few Daiquiris and just don't get us involved anymore.



Umpteenth reissue of Ozzy's debut, this time restoring the late Randy Rhodes' guitar tracks that were removed for...I don't know why.  (Or maybe it was Tommy Aldredge's drum tracks.) Whatever. I blame Sharon. I mention this because, as far as metal records go, this really is one of the best.



This has been out for a bit now, but I only got to it a few weeks ago. It's basically Oasis without Noel, and it's better than anything they've put out.  So check it out.


James A. Gardner said...

Sal, how dare you make such an insulting comparison between Kate Bush/Peter Gabriel and Otis the Drunk!

Otis was tons more prolific.

kevin m said...

Spot on about Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. Amazing how both have become irrelevant over the past 10 years.

Beady Eye is good, but not overwhelming. I bought it when it came out and have listened to it a few times. Like I said, it's good but not memorable. While writing this, I'm having a hard time coming up with any song titles.

soundsource said...

can't speak to everything else cause i haven't heard them but I have heard Beady Eye and I second that emotion

Shriner said...

Now "This Woman's Work" is probably one of the best Kate songs ever. EVER. So she gets a pass for this.

But I can't defend "The Red Shoes". I almost never play that one again (unlike Aerial -- that's a good, but not great, set..)

Gabriel's last album -- I can't defend on any measure. ZZZZZ

Sal Nunziato said...


I like Kate Bush...alot, actually. But...this is just bad.

Anonymous said...

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Alan said...

Sal: I agree with Courtney Love on very little, but she got it exactly right on one thing: Eddie Bedwetter. Enough said. -- Alan

Albert said...

Let me cut to the chase...screw Eddie Vedder and the ukelele he rode in on...what I hear in the samples are one more stab at doing anything ANYTHING other than what made him a noted musical entity in the first place...great...precious little 4-string ditties from the same guy that did Black, Daughter, Leash, Better Man, etc.....give me a goddamn want ukelele, listen to Tiny Tim...don't need Vedder for closing, how's everything goin' ?

Sal Nunziato said...

"Blue Red & Grey" is a damn fine song. That guy wrote "My Generation" 12 years earlier.

Albert said...

Holy're using an analogy of Pete Townshend and Eddie Vedder...listen,slats, when Eddie Vedder comes close to changing the world of R&R as Pete's done, then he'll be entitled to do something as innocuous and empty as this...until then, he hasn't earned the right, in my humble opinion...besides, that's one cut out of hundreds...Vedder's devoting an entire album to this...that's pure laziness...I'd say that's career suicide but I'm afraid he's already caught his ride on that closing, hope everything's cool with you...

Sal Nunziato said...

I mention Townshend because that song was a direct influence on this record. I am in no way comparing Eddie to Pete, and will never compare Eddie to Pete. But your recitation of early Pearl Jam songs, led me to believe you at one time had respect for said artist, in which case, may have spewed a little less bile.

This is why I mentioned "My Generation." I could have said "I Can't Explain" or "Slip Kid." Doesn't matter. Artists change as they get older.

Remember my Eric Clapton post and your comments? I have the second asshole to remind you.

So yeah...I'm ok.


Rushbo said...

I haven't heard the latest waxings from Pete 'n' Kate, but your comments made me smile. And you're probably right.

Isn't it a little strange that they've both made similar records, conceptually? Are they in cahoots? Maybe they live in a house together, like The Monkees, maybe with Brian Eno and Sting...oh the hijinks they'd get up to...There's a sitcom, right there.

William Repsher said...

Here's where I go for my ukulele fix:

That Vedder disc is strange -- I'll have to double back and knock off a few tracks, but at first blush, it struck me as an interesting concept that was real hit or miss. There's always folks like Jake Shimabukuro to go back to, but I do appreciate Vedder trying something different.

... even though the Steve Martin/Jerk tribute with Cat Power leaves me cold!

Les said...

Sal, you and Albert should start a spin off blog. Seriously. Do it.

FD13NYC said...

Some of the Vedder Uke songs are pretty damn good, it's different and that's what counts. Never much of Pearl Jam fan anyway, 2-3 songs, tops.

We should all listen to the Townshend/Lane teaming Rough Mix and reflect.

When I make my first trip to Hawaii in November, I'm thinking of buying an authentic ukelele and playing The Kids Are Alright over Don Ho's grave.

tinpot said...

Couldn't believe that Kate could release something as bad as your review made out, so I read the review on AMG. They liked it! And made it sound interesting! With all due respect, I hope they are right and not you!
PS; Try Red Shoes again, it can grow on you. I didn't like at 1st either, but do now.
Thanks for all you do!

Sal Nunziato said...


"And So Is Love" and "Why Should I Love You" from Red Shoes are two my fave Kate tunes. I just think the whole project is a waste of time.

Listen and let me know.