Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let Me Tell You How It Should Be

Like we all need another Beatles' tribute band, right? Well, let me say this. The Fab Faux are indeed...fab! Can't say I've seen them more than once, but the one time time I did, I enjoyed it. They played "The White Album" from top to bottom, and it was impressive. People love these guys and I can see and hear why.

Now I want to tell you why I like Yellow Matter Custard more. They are a rock band, and so were The Beatles. And the exercise of creating note for note versions of big studio productions live on stage is praiseworthy, and a fantastic display of skill, but now and again, it feels good to hear something a bit more organic. Yellow Matter Custard, a band featuring Mike Portnoy of Dream Theatre, Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big. Kasim Sulton of Utopia and Neal Morse of Spock's Beard, fits that bill.

From their just released DVD and CD download, "One More Night In New York City," give a listen to "Taxman." I suspect some Beatle purists and full time cynics will balk at the extended jam which closes out the tune, but for me, that is precisely what makes this live version kick ass. It's hot!  I can't imagine anyone who has ever picked up a guitar or sat behind a drum kit, denying wanting to play like this.

There are over 40 tunes covered on this set, which you can grab BELOW.

These guys can sing and play, and man, are they having fun. As I said, The Fab Faux are amazing, but they need to take a pill. Know what I mean?



steve simels said...

Jaw droppingly good, and that jam bothers me not one whit.

FD13NYC said...

I agree, The Fab Faux try too hard to sound like The Lads with note for note precision. I've seen them around 5 times in the past, and they were great.

But YMC just sound like they're having fun with it. Good musical attempt. Plus there's Kasim! Good call Sal. I'm diggin' it.

soundsource said...

Your point is well taken but I once had a discussion with Jimmy Vivino and he pointed out that the Fab's take on The Beatles is more like classical music and that they are try to create it note for note not playing around with it (although he has been known to wail on the solo from While My Guitar Gently Weeps) I think both bands are fun in their own way and with great musicians but just with two very different approaches to the same music.

Anonymous said...

I kind of like both approaches. I agree with you that the Yellow Matter Custard sounds like they are having a blast and given the chance I will have to check them out live in the future.

The Fab Faux are exacting but it sounds so good. Pretty much a win/win situation for Beatles fans. Both are head and shoulders above the other cover bands out there.

steves said...

I'm with OldRockr1. I think there's plenty of room in the world for both bands. Still, there's no denying these guys are having a blast. Thanks!

(And damn...I really wanted to hear that next track!)

Christine said...

I had a blast myself listening to this--dancing around piles of laundry. Thanks for sharing.