Friday, July 22, 2011

"Because I Love Music From The Sixties" : THE WEEKEND MIX

"You know Grandpa there are many fine bands after 1969!"

That was a comment left over at my pal Steve Simels' place, Power Pop, on a post where he asked for your Favorite Obscure or Semi-Obscure Song by a Well-Known or Reasonably Well-Known Sixties Pop/Rock Band!!!

I'm sure the comment was meant for laughs. I know I laughed. But I've been thinking on and off about that for a week and I've decided, NO. There aren't.  ;)

With that in mind, I had a groovy time putting together this WEEKEND MIX, that is not quite what Steve asked for on his post, but something close.


Walk Away Renee- The Left Banke

House On The Hill- The Turtles
(Produced by Ray Davies, if you didn't know. This track is the best Kinks track Davies never wrote.)

Surprise, Surprise- The Rolling Stones

The Games We Play- The Hollies

You Said That- The Easybeats
(This was my choice on Power Pop's Post)

Too Much On My Mind- The Kinks
(Mono version from new edition of "Face To Face")

What You're Doing - The Beatles
(This is Take 11, with the always effective false ending. NOT from Anthologies 1-3)

Our Love Was- The Who
(This is Take 12, an unused Mono mix from the Japanese "Sell Out" box)

Imagine The Swan- The Zombies

(Baby) You Don't Have To Tell Me- The Walker Brothers

Six O'Clock- The Lovin' Spoonful
(If anyone has the live Elvis Costello/Rosanne Cash version, I will be your slave. If you have that whole show, well...I can't say on these pages what I will do.)

Fields Of People- The Move
(Top Of The Pops version of the "Shazam" Ars Nova cut. Anyone have any thoughts on that Ars Nova album? Worth getting?)

Forget All About It- Nazz

Mad John's Escape- Donovan

Baby, Baby (I Still Love You)- Cinderella

Tell It To The Rain- The Four Seasons

We'll Run Away- The Beach Boys
(This is a rehearsal. Just listen to the purity of Brian's falsetto.)



iggy said...

Thanks for this one Sal. Even as a child of the '60s, I am not familiar with many of these. Look forward to making their acquaintance. Best,


soundsource said...

I haven't even downloaded it and I know it's gonna be a great mix (specially in the car)

Jaggerfan1 said...

I wasn't even born in the 1960s and I listen to this stuff. The only way I learned about the music of the 1960s was thru my dad and aunt because they both grew up in the 1960s! I love this post and I love this blog!

J. Loslo said...

Oh, boy, this looks like fun...

steve simels said...

Sal --

"Imagine the Swan" makes me weak in the knees. I'm so glad somebody likes it besides me...

steve simels said...

And there is an Elvis Costello/Roseanne cash version of 6 O'Clock?

Obviously, I need to hear this ASAP....

Sal Nunziato said...


Check this out:

pattirules said...

great mix the only thing that would have made it 1 song better is "things i'd like to say" by new colony six!1

steves said...

Damn...I'm old (though not as old as Simels). But I'm loving thia anyway. Thank, Sal.

Carl said...

There's been a lot of great music since the 60's but the music from that time was, for many of us, our first love and all others pale in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Most (not all) of the music I like created after 1969 sounds like it could have been recorded back then.

Great mix!


Kevin said...

What You're Doing=swoon
What You're Doing Take 11= Double Swoon. For Sale Forever!!!!
I'd have gone with Step Inside by The Hollies.
Found this recently, have you heard it? From '66:

Sal Nunziato said...

"Step Inside" is my fave on "Butterfly," but ever since the Planters peanut commercial, I've hesitated...just a bit.

Kevin said...

Kudos to the Peanut folk for rescuing SI from an undeserved obscurity. Oh to have been a fly on the wall when that idea was pitched.....
But I just played Our Love Was...
D**m you Sal for making me buy another version of Sell Out!!!!!
Probably my favorite album of all time (Wild Honey gives it stiff competition). This version just kicks.
I figured I'd have to keep buying it until they got it right. My quest may have just ended (the jingles CAN be separated)(ebay for about $28). Thank you.
If you buy at least 5 versions of an album, shouldn't the band deliver a copy to your door, with a case of beer?

shadreck said...

Thanks for this well compiled mix. Appreciated.

steves said...

Did I mention that I'm so old I can no longer type? ;)

soundsource said...

ok it's officially a great mix (especially for record breaking heat wave days in the summer) and I love Cinderella but who are they. I heard one of their songs on the satellite radio about a week ago (Please Don't Wake Me) and it was the best Spector song I never heard (not sure if it's an actual Spector song or it just should have been). So as I said who are they please Mr. Wood.
Oh and did I say great mix (it didn't hurt that I was an actual teenager when most of these songs where released)

Sal Nunziato said...


Yor weclome


I read somewhere that Cinderella were actually The Cookies of "Chains" and "Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby" fame, just as The Four Pennies of "When The Boy's Happy" fame were really The Chiffons.

soundsource said...

thanks, they don't have much at AMG if anything bout them. Oh and not to kvell (well I did see a documentary about Sholom Aleichiem yesterday) but really great mix.

Leon said...

Looking forward to this! Downloading now - thanks Sal!

DaveF said...

This is one terrific mix of gems from the sixties. Though I haven't heard some of these I am looking forward to giving them a spin in the family roadster as we make our way to banff this morning. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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