Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Now It's Your Turn

Dear Burning Woodsters,

Truth be told, I'm a little burned out. It'll be three years, come September, of daily posting, and this morning, after a night's sleep I wouldn't wish on a sewer rat, I came up empty. Well... except for this one idea, and it's not even mine. (I guess my cousin was right. I am a leech.)

This week's "Weekend Mix" will be created by you!

My pal Don over at the AIC has a project going with his readers, and while I didn't want to steal it outright, I think joining in and acknowledging the brilliance of his idea should be okay.  I don't think he'd mind. Different readers, different tastes. And as long as I don't say anything bad about Robyn Hitchcock, I think he'll give me a pass.

He asked his readers to pick a song, write a small blurb about why it was picked, and send both MP3 and blurb to him, for the first in a series of reader compiled mixes.

If enough of those come to me by tomorrow afternoon, we should have an interesting set of music to start the weekend.

OK boys and girls.

It's playtime for you and break time for me, that is, until I have to piece this all together.

You can send the tracks and blurbs to:


Big Jim Slade said...

OK, I'm submitting one by a singer Sal doesn't like! In my blurb I compare the singing of Bill Callahan to that of Paul Simon.

Shriner said...

MP3 only? (Almost all my stuff is ripped as .m4a files with iTunes...)

Sal Nunziato said...


That's fine.

steve simels said...

And now the eternal dilemma -- Easybeats or Shocking Blue?

A walk in the woods said...

I just sent mine! C'mon people, send yours too...

James A. Gardner said...

@steve simels, I was >this< close to submitting "Hot Sand"! You know, seasonal and all. Can't go wrong with either of those groups, in my IMO.

steve simels said...

Okay, Sal -- you should have mine.

And no, it was neither the Easybeats or Shocking Blue, for those of you scoring at home.