Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What You Been A'Missin'

I was so surprised and shocked, and I wondered too, how yet another... yawn... tribute record could end up being on heavy rotation in my household. But, dang! I am so digging "Rave On Buddy Holly."

Sure, I'd like to do a few things to Modest Mouse with a ball peen hammer for their yak-inducing, hipper-than-thou, soulless stinker of an entry. But less that track, there is nothing here I don't like. I mean, I think I luff this record. The Black Keys, Nick Lowe, Fiona Apple and her damn glockenspiel! All great. And that beautifully haunting take on "True Love Ways," by My Morning Jacket gives me chills usually reserved for The Move. Even Lou "I'm starting to look like Eudora Welty" Reed's turn on "Peggy Sue" is a winner.

The biggest surprise?  Hearing who I thought for a nanosecond was Otis Redding, only to check my iTunes screen to see that it was...Kid Rock?  Now easy, Big O fans. It WAS only a nanosecond, but I really didn't know what I was listening to. I just knew, I loved this pseudo-soul arrangement of "Well All Right."  (Kid Rock. Well, all right.)

Mostly, I'm here to go on about Patti Smith, and her simply gorgeous reading of "Words Of Love." It's hard to top The Beatles' version, and Patti may have. I'm just not sure I have the balls to say so. It's as if she is crying out the tune. Plus, the "Hooked On A Feeling" phased guitar is a real nice touch by, I assume, Mr. Lenny Kaye.

All I am saying is, give this record a chance.



The PopCulturist said...

Wow, Sal, that really is a stunner... something about this just screamed "bad tribute" to me, but I'm happy to hear it's worthwhile. One question, though -- do you have the physical CD? Is there anything special about the packaging? Liner notes? Or would a download be just as good? Thanks.

Sal Nunziato said...


Just a download, so I'm not sure what the packaging offers. And yes, I was just as stunned.

Savoy Truffle said...

Guauuu!!! Ohh yeahhh it's great. Thanks.

steve simels said...

Words fail me.

Except for "thank you, Sal."

pattirules said...

yes patti is simply amazing!!!

Anything Should Happen said...

I've been bleating about this to people in the UK over the past week.

It truly is wonderful.

As I think I said at the time of your original review, there are still some good tribute albums out there, you have to look or be recommended just as you have.

The tribute phase is dying now, so maybe the quality will out more.

zan said...

This is amazing. I don't think it would be wrong to contend that, in addition to being great in her own right, Patti Smith might be one of the greatest cover artists of all time. She covered Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" at Castle Clinton here in New York the other night, and we were all blown away. She's a true fan of other people's music, and it's such a joy to hear her version of anything.

Sal Nunziato said...

@ Zan

Patti's "Rollin' In The Deep."

Kevin said...

I had posted a link here to stream the whole album before it was released.
Now brace yourself for "Dedicated," Steve Cropper's upcoming (9 Aug) tribute to The "5" Royales.
Soundbites at Amazon. Maybe NPR will stream it too, at First Listen.
You'll be doing the Slummer The Slum with Steve and Buddy Miller, too!
The original:

Anything Should Happen said...

Reading the thread Sal, I do hope you don't get the impression that Kevin and I (who don't know each other) are trying to claim the credit for this.

Not the case, great to see it and showing the power of the internet in that this would have just been ignored if there was no such thing.

Well Played.

Sal Nunziato said...

@Kev & ASH,

Wasn't thinking that at all. Just glad readers get involved.

Robin said...

I bought it right away. I adore Buddy first of all. Now this is one of my favorite tributes ever. Especially love Fiona and MMJ. I like Patti's "Words of Love" and for a nanosecond I thought it might have topped The Beatles version. But no, listened to "Beatles for Sale" and "Words" several times, and for me I don't think it's topped it (at least not in the singing department), it's just such a different reading coming from Patti, who is always so personal. I think I will listen to them back to back a lot. :)

zan said...

Sal - you are a legend. Thank you so, so much!