Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Five Guys Walk Into A 日本語 巨大な石の祝祭

From just ten days ago, please...I beg of you...enjoy the Faces, Ronnie Wood, Ian McLagan and Kenny Jones, reunited, with Mick Hucknall of Simply Red on vocals (that's right!) and Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols on bass (BOO-ya), filling in for the two and only, late greats Rod Stewart and Ronnie Lane. (Oh wait, Rod Stewart may still be alive. I have to check Squanderedtalent.org.)

Personally, I can't get rid of the goosebumps, especially during the encore, where the boys pay tribute to the quintessential, rock and roll screamer, Steve Marriott.)


Faces- Fuji Rock Festival, 7/30/11

Miss Judy's Farm
Had Me A Real Good Time
Silicone Grown
Ooh La La
I Wish It Would Rain
Maybe I'm Amazed
Gasoline Alley
Down Payment Blues
Cindy Incidentally
(I Know) I'm Losing You
I'd Rather Go Blind
Too Bad
Pool Hall Richard
Tin Soldier
All Or Nothing
Stay With Me



HippieGirl said...

Ronnie Wood is so cute!

FD13NYC said...

A weird but interesting gig. Since when did Mick Hucknall start sounding like Steve and Rod, scary. I suppose it has to do with age and the Live environment. Good stuff from old geezers nonetheless. I'd like to see a video of these shows.

Anything Should Happen said...

Surely there could have been wiser choices than that Manc Tosser?

Nothing ever of any note apart from telling papers about his conquests.

What on earth is he doing with The Faces, he's not fit to grace the stage?

From his cod soul, he's tried to encompass the Blues saying he was always a Blues singer, since when?

Now he thinks he's pre Do You Think I'm Sexy Rod, when I've never seen a beeter eaxmple of post DYTIS.

I despair.

Sal Nunziato said...

Wow, ASH. I think he's with them because he sounds pretty damn amazing. Does he owe you money?

Duncanmusic said...

I saw this listed on the Usenet and couldn't believe it. I thought it was a misprint of the date. Okay I'll bite Sal...hell it can't be THAT bad!

Anything Should Happen said...

Sorry Sal, I don't see it at all, doesn't sound amazing to these ears, I'd have rather left the legacy as it was than ruin it with Hucknall.

I don't regret anything from the previous post apart from perhaps not using a spell checker.

Maybe it's a UK thing, he doesn't have the history with the States.

But suffice to say, I have nothing but contempt for the knob.

It's all been about money and now that he can't sell an album to save his life, he's trying to persuade everyone he's doing it for art.

The interviews about him always being mad about The Faces, how come it's taken him until 2011 to ever mention this.

He did the same with his supposed love of Blues.

Utter contempt!

As for sounding great, if you'd never heard Stewart or Marriott, it may pass as a decent club act.


steve simels said...

Said this before, about the Springfield reunion, but I'll say it again:

If this show comes to NYC and I can't get a ticket, I swear to god I'll take a hostage.

tinpot said...

Haven't listened to this but I must say ASH's comments were refreshing and funny. Refreshing cuz they weren't either the usual sychophantic fawning or a mindless and vicious put down. I salute you sir! (but I have to agree with Sal, surely what it sounds like is the main thing? If we apply a character test to everything, there would be precious little to listen to.)

Sir Les B said...

I'm with ASH I'm afraid. Money's Too Tight To Mention apparently

Sal Nunziato said...

So ASH amd Les, are you saying Mick strong-armed his way into this band? You love the legacy so much, as do I, yet there seems to be little regard for the fact the Ronnie, Ian and Kenny, who sound fantastic, wanteds Hucknell in the band.

As you mentioned, maybe it's a UK thing, but Simply Red has made some fine records. Not amazing records, but certainly respected records.

I just can't understand hating this for the music.

Anything Should Happen said...

I'll add as a finale, that I see Sal's point and I felt the same way about Paul Rodgers and Queen as a Rodgers fan, so it may just be me.

What I do want to add is this is just a difference of opinion on something musical between Sal and I, it's not an argument, we are and remain good friends and so I'd be really sad to see people taking sides.

I'd rather my comments be deleted than have that,so hopefully comments will be about what people think of the music / reunion.

Sal and I like a lot of the same things, but differ passionately about others.

His admiration of Paul Weller, mine of Graham Parker and Robyn Hitchcock are just quick examples.

I can't think of anything better to disagree on than music, it should evoke passion.

I comment on here honestly and I'd hate to think that Sal would get caught up in some Radiohead Part 2 because Hucknall is such a joke in the UK.

Over and Out.

cmealha said...

I still remember the first time I heard 'Stay With Me' on my shitty little radio walking down 6th Ave to the Grand St club on a clear Saturday morning. It's still such a vivd memory as it gave me so much pleasure and every time I hear it brings me back to that moment. It was the first song I went to on this set and I though it was absolutely great. Mick Hucknall does a better Rod than I think Rod is capable of. The band sounded like they haven't skipped a bit. A truly fine pleasure. Thanks for the lift.

William Repsher said...

Hucknall sounds surprisingly up to the job/good, the band itself sounds great, but I just can't get too excited. Even if they had Rod.

What I'd love to hear -- the remaining Faces, including Rod, doing a tribute album to Ronnie Lane, featuring only tracks from his solo career.

Shouldn't track 10 be re-titled "Around the Plynth/Gasoline Alley"?

Gene Oberto said...


Look, the guy lost Catherine Zeta-Jones to Michael Douglas...

isn't that punishment enough for any shortcomings the man might have?

shadreck said...

This performance did little for me other than send me back to albums by the small faces and the original Faces. Disappointed.

Eric said...

this is where woody belongs and he sounds great...and should have stayed instead of pairing with doris' son of Eastlands.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad really enjoyed this



Anonymous said...

Just trawling through some old postings and came across this sensational share.

Great work