Friday, September 23, 2011

"Rainin' Soul" : THE WEEKEND MIX (Late Edition)

Forgive the delay, loyal readers. I'd explain, but it's not worth it.

Enjoy this mix, built around Ann Peebles' greasey "Somebody's On Your Case," which I've been listening to on repeat, thanks to an original pressing on vinyl given to me by my pal Soundsource and inspired by the not so great, recently released biography of Little Willie John.

The crap weather helped a bit too, put me in a deep soul mood. Now I know this "WEEKEND MIX" isn't all "deep soul," but I think you'll find, it will work well with the rain.

Thanks for waiting.


Can I Be Your Main Squeeze- Chuck Carbo & The Soul Finders
Somebody's On Your Case- Ann Peebles
Can't Get Enough- Johnny Sayles
The Girls From Texas- Jimmy Lewis
How Much Can A Man Take- Big John Hamilton
I Know You Got Soul- Bobby Byrd
Temptation 'Bout To Get Me- The Knight Bros.
Storm Warning- The Volcanoes
Get Yourself Another Fool- Sam Cooke
Who Dun It- Monk Higgins
Crumbs Off The Table- Laura Lee
Hard Luck Guy- Eddie Hinton
Wifesitter- Swamp Dogg
All Around The World- Little Willie John



Chris Collins said...

This mix is so great I've peed my pants twice!

Alan said...

Apropos of the lousy weather, here's my favorite "season" lyric, from the one and only Mr. Cleanhead, Eddie Vinson:
When it starts to getting winter
My head gets kinda cold
I try to grow a little hair
But I can't to save my soul
When it starts to getting summer
I get such a pretty tan
You can hear the women holler
Where do I find that Cleanhead man!

Anonymous said...

great, sunny and in the 80s here.

Sal Nunziato said...

Then why are you futzing about on a blog? Go get some air!

bglobe313 said...

Given your evident taste, I am looking forward to hearing this.

As a music nut who has more music than he can ever listen to, I always enjoy these as a chance to maybe learn something new.

Rock on (and on and on)


A walk in the woods said...

Nice mix Sal -- Swamp Dogg is one crazy soul, ain't he?

iggy said...

Sounds great, Sal. Perfect for the upcoming 7 months of rain here at the end of the Oregon Trail. Thanks so much,