Thursday, September 1, 2011

Running With The Packy

The name Charles "Packy" Axton may not hold the same level of prestige as Steve Cropper or Booker T., but Packy was there right at the beginning. His mother Estelle co-founded Stax Records and Packy may have gotten to play on a few more hits than The Mar-Keys' "Last Night" if he kept his partying to a respectable level and didn't piss off so many involved.

Light In The Attic has just released "Late Late Party, 1965-1967," a collection of rare sides featuring saxman, Packy. This is one greasey collection of tunes, covering everything from Memphis soul to doo-wop. It even includes some tracks by The Packers and The Pac-Keys, both early incarnations of what became Booker T. & The MGs. Many of these tunes are raw, sort of a garage band version of the early Stax sound, but for me, that is the appeal.

Give a listen to "Stone Fox" by the Pac-Keys and "I'm A Fool (In Love)" by L.H. & The Memphis Sounds. Then, go check the whole thing out over HERE.




stu said...

Thanks for the guidance, Sal -- great sound for the weekend BBQ. did you write that Amazon review?

jeff k said...

goddamnit, sal. you know how much money you're costing me this week?

Sammy said...

glad to see this on burning wood, sal...i can't get enough of this greasy's been on continuous play in my car for a week now

Kevin said...

Burning Wood is burning a hole in my bank account; but then, eating is so over-rated.
Memphis rules!
Great stuff!

Eric said...

stax museum in memphis is a killer.