Friday, October 7, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street" : THE WEEKEND MIX

 "Fair's got nothing to do with it. Fair's where you go when you wanna see the pigs race."
--Jim Dickinson

Boy, am I kicking myself for not including Motorhead's "Eat The Rich" on this Weekend Mix. Or at least, Robert Palmer's killer cover.

Ah well...

You'll get the idea with what's here.

As always, enjoy.


The Wall Street Shuffle- 10cc
Luck Be A Lady- Frank Sinatra
For The Love Of Money- The O'Jays
The Payback- James Brown
I (Who Have Nothing)- Little Milton
Ain't Got No Money- Frankie Miller
Broke Down & Busted- Todd Rundgren
Man With Money- The Who
Payday- Jesse Winchester
Eveything Goes To Hell- Tom Waits
Gotta Have Money- The Balham Alligators
Money Changes Everything (Orig. Single Version)- The Brains
Money Talks- Mud Boy & The Neutrons
How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live- Bruce Springsteen & The Seeger Sessions Band



Gene Oberto said...

Rest easy! I added both of them. Put Palmer in lead-off and had Motörhead as the closer.

Worked for me!

steve simels said...

Is there a rock song about guillotines?

Anonymous said...

Nice looking mix...will download when I get ome from work.

Now the fun part.. Additional items?

Double Trouble by Eric Clapton (..."some of this generation is millionaires, I can't even keep decent clothes to wear")

On a more lighthearted note:
Where Has All The Money Gone? by Junior Brown
Low Budget by the Kinks


buzzbabyjesus said...

More additional items:

"Money Talks"-Kinks, "Easy Money"-King Crimson, "I Can't Find My Money"-The Mekons, "Eat The Rich"-The British Lions.

William Repsher said...

No Eddie Money?

I vastly prefer The Del Lords cover of "How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live," but the Bruce one isn't bad either.

Robin said...

Jesse Winchester! Nice mix.

Leon said...

Nice... downloading now... thanks Sal!

Anonymous said...

downpayment blues ac/dc

Peter said...

"Is there a rock song about guillotines?"


Meanstreets said...

I don't like this " mix " & the " Frank Sinatra I know, would be disappointed also..........