Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Burning Wood Board

This is from reader and friend Jeff K.:

I was a patron of Sal Nunziato's great Manhattan music shop, NYCD, so I was thrilled when i found his blog on the web and sorry that he's no longer updating it. For months before he shut it down, I'd been pestering Sal to set up a forum like this one, the idea being it would replicate in the cloud, the atmosphere in front of Sal's shop by the tall desk behind the door. There, Sal or his assistant would be sitting, and they'd either smirk at your purchases or congratulate you on your taste, and as they toted up the bill, you'd gaze longingly at the bootleg boxed sets that hung on the wall.

The front of the store was where there'd be a discussion about which Emmit Rhodes album was better, the first or the second, or whether Fleetwood Mac ever recovered from the loss of Peter Green, or maybe it was about a band in town or about how little Sal would pay you for your used cds. I miss that place, and I miss Burning Wood, so maybe we can give it a shot here. Let's talk music, maybe review something new or old, post a few lists and argue a few points. But a few rules. First, keep it clean, no hitting on the breaks. Second, feel free to post a link to any music, but please host it on your server. I didn't buy a lot of space on this forum.

So come on in. the place is open 24 hours.



Paul in Brentwood said...

Yay - I'll jump, hopefully first. This is much-needed. Here goes: I caught Rich Robinson of the Crowes along with Dylan LeBlanc, a folk-country singer. Anyone familiar with the latter? How many albums does he have - where to start?
Regarding Rich - anyone else loving his new album released last month?

Sal Nunziato said...

Hey Paul,
Click on "Burning Wood Board." It's happening over there, not here.

Duncanmusic said...

It's not really clear how you 'join'. Can you help me? I'd eally like to participate. I was a regulart contributor to AYBCS form and have just joined For A Limited Time Only Forum , also.