Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Rawk!": THE WEEKEND MIX (Update from Oct. '08)

Has it been a long time since you rocked and rolled? Has it been a long time since you did the stroll?

Let's just say the thrill of the Faces and Small Faces becoming Rock & Roll Hall Of Famers has put me in a rock and roll mood. Though, after further discussion in the "comments" section of yesterday's Ian McLagan post, few of us find any value or legitimacy in the RRHOF. Still, I bet those who get in don't mind as much as the fans do.

The songs on this "Weekend Mix" do not necessarily represent what are traditionally thought of as quintessential rock and roll songs. No "Johnny B. Goode." No "Blue Suede Shoes."  This mix is not business, Sonny. It's strictly personal. This mix represents what kicks MY ass!


There have been many versions of Eddie Holland's "Leaving Here." An early version by The Who, performed for the BBC is quite the ass-kicker. Even Pearl Jam offered up a respectable take. (I don't like it, but I know many do.) My fave is The Birds, the 60's Brit band that featured a pre-Faces, pre-Stones Ronnie Wood.

A few songs here make me pull out the air guitar just so I can imagine being a part of the band as they lock in. Listen to The Redwalls, Izzy Stradlin, and Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson. You can almost see the sweat flying off their hair as they nod heartily (wasn't he a member of Starcastle?) at that key moment when the band just knows they are onto something.  If you're a musician, tell me you wouldn't want to be in the band about 4:15 into "Women's Intuition."

The new Hall Of Famers are represented here with a track from my favorite Faces album "Ooh La La," and a song by The Easybeats, that rocks on its own, but is brought to a higher level thanks to Steve Marriott's hall of fame screech.

The Mighty Zep aren't always a fave of BW readers. But they are a fave of mine. This version of "Celebration Day," from the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto from September of 1971, finds Jonesy & Bonzo steering off the road into dangerous territory. It's almost hardcore. And Jimmy Page just unravels in every possible good way. This version is making its 4th appearance on the pages of Burning Wood and that's because it RAWKS!

"1956" by The Rascals and "Stagger Lee" by The McCoys are two songs my late great friend Chris Kelly turned me on to. Of course I knew "Hang On Sloopy," and just about everything by The Rascals except "1956." But it was Kelly's deadpanned delivery one afternoon of the line "I know you like Jules Shear, but these songs rock," that not only made me laugh for an hour, but made me a fan for life of both the songs and Chris.

I would have loved to include one of at least 10 different songs by Motorhead, one of my very favorite bands of all time. But, I've yet to see any love on these pages for Lemmy and the gang. Hell, I've yet to see even a bit of like.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the other winners that round out this mix. But the something that should prove to any pain-in-the-ass Ringo non-believers that Mr. Starkey is still the greatest rock and roll drummer, is this version of "Roll Over Beethoven,"  Live from Sweden, 1963.

C'mon everybody!

Leaving Here - The Birds
Good Times- The Easybeats
Rock & Roll- The Redwalls
1956 - The Rascals
I'm A Believer- Bram Tchaikovsky
Casino Queen- Wilco
Stagger Lee- The McCoys
Get It Hot - AC/DC
Baby, Don't You Do It- The Who
Tonight- The Mc5
Women's Intuition- Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson
Silver Naked Ladies- Paul Westerberg
Borstal Boys- Faces
You're Doin' It Too Hard- Charlie Sexton
Been A Fix- Izzy Stradlin
Roll Over Beethoven (Live In Stockholm)- The Beatles
Celebration Day (Live In Toronto) -Led Zeppelin
I Wanna Be Your Man (Live In Boston)- Keith Richards & The Expensive Winos



Anonymous said...

nice. also maybe try the dBs' "any old thing," from "Sound of Music."

Jonnie said...

Thanks, Sal. That's going to make my weekend go with a zip!

buzzbabyjesus said...

Looks like a good one. No need to explain the lack of Johnny B. Goode's. We're all past that I think. I like the idea of Motorhead better than their music, but I'd wear one of their t-shirts.
I listen to a lot of stuff I know is lame. This week I'm listening to Lou Reed's Pickwick output. Songs like "Do The Ostrich", "Cycle Annie", and "You're Driving Me Insane".
If you've never heard them, and are curious, all are easy to find on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

this is my favorite mix in forever. Izzy!!! Paul Westerburg!!! And I love the English Birds.

Long live the Faces


buzzbabyjesus said...

The Birds "Say Those Magic Words" is another good one.

steve simels said...

I dunno how I missed this mix the first time, but I am planning on enjoying it immensely for the next several days.

Thanks, obviously....

steve simels said...

That version of "I Wanna Be Your Man" is the greatest thing ever.

Jeebus, it's astounding.