Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gotta Serve Somebody

I'm honoring a Top Ten request. Someone wants to see Bob Dylan's top ten "eighties" songs as part of the ongoing "Top Ten Project" series.  Now that doesn't mean songs he wrote about leg warmers or Louis Gossett Jr.  It would mean songs he wrote during the eighties.

My idea for the Top Tens was to showcase 10 songs...not necessarily the artist's "best" or the artist's "most beloved"...but ten songs that may not be familiar to music fans who had already made a decision, good or bad, about the artist. Bob Dylan is a special case. I'm feeling like there are no casual Dylan fans. People either love him or hate him, so this "Top Ten" may not persuade any of the non-Dylan people. I hope I'm wrong. So, for this assignment, I am asking for your "favorite."

I can do this myself, pretty easily. But I thought this'd be more fun. have one choice.  ONE!

What is your fave Dylan song from the eighties?

Leave your song as a comment. I won't post the comments. They will be tallied and both my ten and your ten will go up on Friday.

Good news! "Man Gave Names To All The Animals" is from 1979.

(P.S.  I've been banned from my own "chat box." I don't know how this happened. I sent an e-mail to support, but I expect no reply, just like with DivShare, which suddenly just stopped working for me and never corrected itself. Still waiting for help to contact me. It's been 7 months. Those leaving CBox messages, I am not ignoring you. Promise.)

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