Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Street Date: 1/31/12


Jazz legend Charlie Haden, Van Dyke Parks, Benmont Tench, and Ringo's brother-in-law Joe Walsh all help Richie out on his 17th solo release. What can I say? It's what you think it sounds like, love it or leave it. He's a Beatle and I'm happy he's still making music, even if it isn't very good. And "Ringo 2012" isn't.



The Soul Rebels were one of the very first bands I saw live on my very first trip to the New Orleans' Jazz Fest. That may have something to do with why I love them so much. It was one of those "only in New Orleans" experiences.

I had been watching and enjoying the band when their roadie/manager, a gentleman no less frail than Gorilla Monsoon, thought I should be dancing a little bit more than my self-conscious head bob, so he picked me in a painful bear hug and started dancing, holding me in his arms like Cheetah. He finally let go and dropped me to the ground when my face turned the color of a Satsuma plum. The crowd roared and everyone continued moving and smiling for the remaining 30 minutes of their set.

Without that in your pocket, you might just hear another funky brass band, whooping it up New Orleans style...which is still all right by me. This is a really fine record. One of the Rebels best, with help from Trombone Shorty, Cyril Neville, Leo Nocentelli and Galactic's Ben Ellman.


It's still January, so worthy new releases are on the light side. There is a new Leonard Cohen CD, "Old Ideas," which I have yet to hear. But I'll confess to having no plans to listen. His "genius" has eluded me my whole life, and I'd rather not stir the pot with something unpleasant.

And Lana Del Rey's "thing" has also been released. The only thing positive about this is the title.


Back in July, ACE UK released Lesley Gore's "Magic Colors." This was a record planned for release in 1967, but then canceled when the first single and title cut flopped. Newly remastered and bolstered with other singles from the era, "Magic Colors" shows Gore growing up a bit, and abandoning her teenage party-crying pop for the sunshine pop sound, more reminiscent of The Association and Harpers Bizarre.

Not everything works, and it makes sense that Mercury Records didn't want to let it out, but there are some interesting moments, especially the covers which include a medley of Spanky & Our Gang's "Lazy Day" and one hit wonder Keith's "98.6." There is also a version of "To Sir With Love," which Gore delivers a bit like Barbra Streisand...it doesn't work...and what Mojo mag calls "arguably the definitive version of How Can I Be Sure."  You be the judge on that one. I'll take The Rascals.

 It's HERE

And speaking of "definitive," here's one of my fave things ever, Lesley Gore on The TAMI Show.


richeye said...

Hey hey hey... Keith was a two-hit wonder! Can't forget "Ain't Gonna Lie"... ok, maybe you can!

jeff k said...

gorilla monsoon!

Shriner said...

What about the new Imperial Teen record? Is it any good?

Shriner said...

Oh, and as far as Lesley Gore goes, "California Nights" is right up there in my all-time top 100 songs.

It's got a great late-60s vibe to it with (to my ears) some timeless production. (Not unlike "Summer Rain" by Johnny Rivers...)

But I digress...

Ken D said...

You can hear the Leonard Cohen here:


Highly recommended as a cure for insomnia. If there were still any record stores left they'd have to file it in the "Spoken Word" bin.

The new McCartney "standards" fluff is available at NPR as well... I'm curious what you think of that.

FD13NYC said...

California Nights good song among quite a few others by Lesley. Co-written by Marvin Hamlisch and produced by Bob Crewe.

I like Ain't Gonna Lie better than 98.6.

Sal Nunziato said...

You know, I can't say I ever heard "Ain't Gonna Lie." Who wants to send it to me?

Also, Ken...the Macca bored me. This coming right after my Macca high, after rediscovering "Chaos & Creation."

FD13NYC said...

After all these years, I never got Leonard Cohen. Very boring, I guess maybe I'm not smart enough or it's way over my head. Can't listen to his stuff, zzzzzzzzz. All I really liked was his song Suzanne sung by Noel Harrison.

As for Paulie, the new one bored me also. He should stick to what he still could do best, rock or self-penned sweet ballads like Calico Skies. But, he could do whatever he wants, I guess.

Ken D said...

I agree re the McCartney album. Not terrible (like Rod Stewart's standards) but a real disappointment.
I kept hoping he'd go deeper into the songbook and pull out some songs that haven't been done to death. And maybe toss in an original arrangement or two.

Instead it sounded to me like an audition tape for a wedding band... (a good wedding band, but still)

Noam Sane said...

I've always loved that look that Ms. Gore gives right around the :19 second mark in that Tami show clip. I've freeze-framed it a million times. It's sort of the look General Burkhalter used to give Hogan.

Love the Tuesday run-downs, Sal. Poor Ringo.

Sal Nunziato said...

@Shriner. Have not heard Imperial Teen. I'll have to get back to you.

Anything Should Happen said...

The new Paul McCartney one is pretty dire.

He should indeed stick to what he does best, farming in Scotland.

Comparing Paul McCartney's new affair to Rod Stewart's massacre of the American Songbook is like comparing toothache to earache, one is probably better than the other, but you don't want either.

Imperial Teen is highly recommended Sal.

Chris Isaak's Sun covers seems a bit pointless, but is wonderful and I'm not sure why I love the First Aid Kit album so much, but I do.