Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Street Date, 2/2/8/12


Like it or not, Roger Waters' epic tale of childhood abandonment, war and insanity, better known as Pink Floyd's "The Wall," is classic for a reason. Today, the last of the "Immersion" boxes--collectible sets with newly remastered music, unreleased demos and live tracks, DVDs, and other stuff that just gets in the way---hits the streets. This package is as over the top as "The Wall" itself. Here's what you get for $120:

DISCS 1&2 – CDs 1&2
The Wall digitally remastered by James Guthrie, 2011

DISCS 3&4 - CDs 3&4
The Wall album demos (previously unreleased)

DISCS 5&6 - CDs 5&6
Is There Anybody Out There: The Wall Live (digitally remastered in 2011 by James Guthrie)
Another Brick In The Wall pt2 promotional video – restored in 2011
Behind The Wall documentary
Gerald Scarfe Interview
Short filmed extract of Earls Court concert featuring animation

44 page 27cm x 27cm booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson
Exclusive photo book
27cm x 27cm Exclusive Storm Thorgerson Art Print
5 x Collectors’ Cards featuring art and comments by Storm Thorgerson
Replica of The Wall Tour Ticket
Replica of The Wall Backstage Pass
Prints/Cards of Mark Fisher’s stage drawings
3 x white marbles with design of bricks
9 x Coasters (unique to this box) featuring early Storm Thorgerson design sketches

(I'm a fan of both Pink Floyd and "The Wall, but I'm settling for the $28 4 CD, "Experience" set, which has the remastered album proper, and 2 discs of demos. Sadly, no marbles.)



In September of 2010. Todd Rundgren performed a handful of fan-requested shows that featured both 1974's  "Todd" and 1980's "Healing" in their entireties. You can see my pics and my review HERE.

The performances from the Keswick Theatre in PA., were recorded and the first of those hits today. "Todd Live" is available as either a DVD or CD HERE, with the "Healing" performance due at a later date. If there was a way for me to explain just how wonderful these sets are without you thinking, "Here he goes again," I would. But there isn't, so I'll just say, these sets are truly wonderful.


The Ventures "In Space" was one of Keith Moon's favorite records of all-time. I love it, too. And now the good people of Sundazed have done it up nice, along with two more Ventures classic, "Surfing" and "Play Telstar & The Lonely Bull."  You can find them HERE.


Lyle is back with a mix of covers and originals that cover the usual ground of a Lyle Lovett release. This is not a bad thing, though the duet version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" with Kat Edmonson is. "Release Me" is far from Lovett's most inspired work, but there is enough here to keep his fans happy.  Get it HERE.


(No. I won't. Not a fan. You can't make me. I don't care what you say.  NO. NO. NO) 

(The amazing Buddy Miller gets hold of this amazing little band for one amazing little record.) 

(There are few artists that irritate me the way the Indigo Girls irritate me. Mere words cannot express just how awful I think they are. An intrepretive dance may be the way. Now, I don't even have to listen to the music. The title of this solo record alone is making me ill.)

 Happy Tuesday


davidwolfsonnc said...

thanks for the updates . . . but i do think you mean CAROLINA chocolate drops . . .

Sal Nunziato said...


OOPS! I sure do. Thanks for the catch.

Noam Sane said...

"Lung of Love"? Really?

The "Earnest Lesbians with Acoustic Guitars" phenomena is something I will never grasp.

steves said...

Something tells me that they'll be scraping The Wall until there's not so much as a pudding stain left.

So, what did you think of Bruce last night? I'm trying as hard as I can, but, to be honest, neither one of those songs do it for me. Please tell me there are better tracks on the album...

Ken D said...

"Mere words cannot express just how awful I think [The Inidigo Girls] are."

Perhaps this could be the basis for a BW readers' writing contest! Help Sal describe just how awful TIG are. Best description of their pure aural awfulness (25 words or less) wins a [prize here]!

jeff k said...

you know, I've never listened to The Wall. Maybe I should. Probably make an interesting post, "classic albums I've never heard."

misospecial said...

things generally are just better (improved!) in space, don't you think? perhaps with the exception of earnest lesbians etc... (clearly i don't get it either)...

truth is, i often have trouble with earnest. a character flaw, maybe—i lack the earnest gene. oscar wilde was onto something when he said life was much too important to take seriously.

A walk in the woods said...

Thanks for telling me that Todd show has been turned into a live CD -- and I'm so glad they did a CD instead of just a stupid DVD (I never watch DVDs). Here is where I have to follow my credo of "If I download it for free, then it becomes available, I should buy it." (I downloaded a boot of it from somewhere already)

And so I will.

cmealha said...

I'm in on Todd. I really liked a couple of the things I heard from the concert, even with the bad sound quality. Sounded like real good shows. Now I'm waiting for the studio version of the Metropole Orkest set and all is forgiven. Not sure if I'll buy into the Healing show however. We'll see.

Sal Nunziato said...


Not sure what to say about Bruce on Fallon. I love "Wrecking Ball" and thought his performance of both that and the single was big, big, big!

@Ken D.

I would love to see this happen.


After your big praise of "Flesh," why would you not be in on the live "Healing" portion? Personally, I think it's much better, one of the most powerful performances in Todd's long career. Do not miss it.

FD13NYC said...

To me The Wall is merely just an OK record. I like a little of the early stuff. But the meat of it all is the trilogy, Dark Side, Wish You Were Here and Animals. Anyone interested in Pink Floyd should start with those. Don't go too farther back, the Syd Barrett stuff is a little crazy.

Ken D said...

Looks like I'm the only entrant in the Indigo Girls takedown (so far)... but here goes:

How is an Indigo Girls' record like a painful rash?
Both are much improved when scratched.