Friday, February 24, 2012

"Reelin'! (And Rockin', Too...I Guess)" : THE WEEKEND MIX

The weather in NYC has been so unseasonably beautiful, I almost forgot to moan about shit.


I was tempted to stash away the winter sweaters and unbox the Bermudas, but I played it safe and instead, shelved the Nick Drake and Nico records and whipped out some rocking goodies.

Like, Brenda Lee's fiery take on "What'd I Say," which I had never heard before Mr. Simels over at the indispensible Power Pop paid it some mind.

Like, Tom Jones doing Little Richard proud on "Bama Lama Bama Loo."

Like, the Elton penned, Rod & Elton rocker "Let Me Be Your Car," from back when neither sucked.

Like, Raphael Saadiq taking his fantastic retro-soul style up a notch with the hot hot "Heart Attack."

Like, one of my very favorite Stones songs off of one of my very favorite Stones albums, "Surprise, Surprise" from the underrated gem, "Rolling Stones Now!"

Like, Nick Lowe's rockabilly, Record Store Day exclusive, "(I've Changed My) Wild Mind."

Get in on it!

Enjoy the ZIP!


Living In The USA- Wilmer & The Dukes
Him Or Me- Paul Revere & The Raiders
Louie Louie- Richard Berry
Heart Attack- Raphael Saadiq
Sookie Sookie- Steppenwolf
Blue Days, Black Nights- Paul Burch
Pumping- Patti Smith
Daddy Rollin' Stone- Johnny Thunders w/ Phil Lynott & Steve Marriott
(I've Changed My) Wild Mind- Nick Lowe
Held Up Without A Gun- Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band
Surprise Surprise- Rolling Stones
Bama Lama Bama Loo- Tom Jones
What'd I Say- Brenda Lee
Let Me Be Your Car- Rod Stewart & Elton John
Money Talks- Mud Boy & The Neutrons


cmealha said...

All these years I thought I was the only one that felt "Let Me Be Your Car" was an awesome track.

SOTD: That C.C. Adcock cut is just NAAAASTY! Thanks

Chris Collins said...

this is a killer playlist! I needed this!
And I'm totally with you on "Let Me Be Your Car". Haven't heard that one since I had the cassette.

J. Loslo said...

This is fun stuff; thanks.

I hadn't heard "Him or Me" in years & I'd forgotten how good it is.

Don't know much about contemporary R&B, so I was unfamiliar with Raphael Saadiq. Guess I'll have to check him out.

"Daddy Rolling Stone" is such a great song-- I don't think Otis Blackwell gets enough credit. My favorite version is by The Forty-Fives.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please, remain seated.

Will download this when I get home from work. I, too, kinda liked the Rod/Elton song when Smiler came out lo those many years ago. But if my mind's ear is accurate, doesn't it have a really crappy mix on the vocals? I seem to remember being pissed off in the 70's that I could barely hear or understand the singing on that track. Or maybe it was just the "college dorm life" back then, who knows.

Anyway, thanks for the mix



A walk in the woods said...

Looks great! Thanks for including the Nick Lowe tune... I was crazy enough to buy the 78-RPM version of that song on Record Store Day (yes, I have a soft spot for 78s - even though I don't have a 78 player -- who said love is rational? -- my friend does, and we spin 'em every time we get together).

So, I haven't actually heard that song yet nor been able to iPod it -- problem solved, thanks to Burning Wood!

Anonymous said...

Great share. I am a big fan of Steve Marriott so to get this track is a bonus.very enjoyable play list