Friday, March 23, 2012

Ian Hunter: Live In Philly : "THE WEEKEND MIX"

Our buddy and resident blog supporter ASH, has launched a new place to meet.

"ASH On The Beat," as he put it, is trying to be "Northern England's version" of Burning Wood. A bit of advice, if you want traffic, keep your Todd Rundgren and New Orleans posts to a minimum and be sure to slag on Eric Clapton and Radiohead as often as you can. That really wads up the collective tighties and is sure to bring on the hits to both the blog and your head.

Please check out The ASH Beat.

I love it already.

And in honor of my pal Don across the ocean, here is "The Weekend Mix."

From one of my all-time faves, here is one of my all-time fave shows.

Ian Hunter, recorded live on March 23, 2005, at Finnegan's Wake in Philadelphia, 7 years ago today.

It's a show that captures the atmosphere of a small, stifling, packed house...perfectly. As for the setlist, well, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Enjoy, please!


Rest In Peace
Lounge Lizard
Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Twisted Steel
Girl From The North Country>Death Of A Nation
Knees Of My Heart
Wash Us Away
23A Swan Hill
I Wish I Was Your Mother
The Truth, The Whole Truth....
Michael Picasso
Roll Away The Stone
Honaloochie Boogie
Saturday Gigs
All The Young Dudes
The Journey>No Wheels To Ride>You Nearly Did Me In
Dead Man Walking
Just Another Night
All The Way From Memphis
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square

Mott The Zipple (1)
Mott The Zipple (2)


bglobe313 said...


And thanks for the tribute to Don.

These blogs have meant a lot to me in troubled times.


wool said...

OMFG!!!!! Been waiting for something like this!! And a new music blog and it has more Mott plus lots of yet to explore stuff...It is a happy Friday indeed...

James A. Gardner said...

Ian Hunter is an inspiration. Mott's Rest In Peace is the greatest live bootleg ever.
"Rock n' Roll Queen" is the reason the cowbell was invented.
These are immutable laws, not topics for debate.
Thanks for the Ian show, Sal!

Anonymous said...

Great music for the weekend.Ian's recent stuff is strong like bull!

Thanks, Mike

ASH On The Beat said...

Thanks for the heads up my Noo Yawk Pal.

1001songs said...

Monday marks the 40th Anniversary of Mott The Hoople's first break-up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Ian Hunter show Sal! If you'd like I have the Bowery Ballroom show from 2000 which I would be glad to send you. Just let me know.


Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Chris. If it's 6/2/00, I do have it. I also have another show from 2005, as well as shows from 2007, 20008, amd 2009, if you;re interested.

Anonymous said...

terrific site and great post tyvm. going to see ian hunter tonight, cant wait. ed