Monday, March 26, 2012

Neurotic Reactions

Is it fair to assume that each of us at least once in our lives, has been somewhere, a club or a party, the mall, heard a song that we did not immediately recognize, and loved it so much that for at least a few of the immediate hours that followed, nothing else seemed to matter?

No? Not once? Come on kids, I thought you were all crazy like me.

Yesterday afternoon, I was at a party in a club, and heard a tune. I had to have it. There was a DJ, so you'd think the mystery would have been solved right then. But alas, the most information I could get from the elusive spinner was "You know, it's that Portuguese band that does the Shadows Of Knight covers."

"NO, I don't know."

"OKAY! Great. Thanks!

Well, it didn't take long, thanks to the internets.

The band is from Argentina. (That's near Portugal, right?) They are Pintura Fresca, and their version of the Shadows Of Knight nugget "Shake" hit me in the right place at the right time.

Even better, I found this.

It was a good day.

It's HERE, if you're interested.


FD13NYC said...

Very cool find Sal, from a weird foreign site. Yes, this has happened to me on a few occasions. One of the times, Ginny and I were having dinner in a restaurant that was playing recorded music from behind the bar. When a tune came on that absolutely intrigued me. Can't remember right now what the song was, but I excused myself and went over to inquire, much to the dismay and eye roll of my wife.

I asked a couple of nimrods around the bar where he or she looked at me like I had two heads, and finally got one person to find the CD that this song was coming from. Suffice it to say I found it, and thanks to the Internet, downloaded and enjoyed it. Dinner went down really nice that night.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Last time I remember that happening was the Staples version of "For What It's Worth". But I know exactly what you mean.

steves said...

I recently had a similar experience. I had the radio on--WFUV--while taking a shower, and a song came on that was instantly familiar and new at the same time. The fantastic lyrics--from what I was able to hear--and plaintive melody left me dripping with amazement (literally) that Jackson Browne was back in top form.

They were still in the middle of the set by the time I was dressed, so I went downstairs to the PC to find out the name of his new album. The song was called "A Little Bit of Everything," and it turned out it wasn't Jackson Browne, but a bunch of youngsters called Dawes. I felt a bit cheated, though I still think those are some fine lyrics.

elizabeth said...

great find, Sal! The last time I went in search of an unknown record, was after hearing the lyric "I'm not your circus flea". ("Black Sheep", The Dough Boys) Always fun to hear something new (to me, anyway) that I like.

ken49 said...

Or hearing a good song in the movie and thinking more about who sang the song than the damn movie. And then making sure you catch who sang it by watching the screen credits all roll by till at the very end are the songs usually in tiny print.

charlie c. said...

A friend made me a mix cd and I was totally blown away by "Srange Overtones" -- Byrne/Eno. Also -- on the same cd was Mr. Brightside, by The Killers which had a similar but lesser effect. The Byrne song rocked me for days . . . I eventually bought the CD which is good, but the experience of the first listen, out of nowhere was transcendental

charlie c. said...

(obviously talking "Strange Overtones" -- my error) The guys have a radio in the mechanical shop where I work. Mr. Brightside played within moments of my last post . . . you do the math!

Aaron said...

One was "Little Pink Medicine" by the Swingin' Neckbreakers. Heard it at Maxwells and chased it down. This was 15 years ago, not on Sunday.