Friday, March 30, 2012

"Shake Your Rum-PAH!" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I had a crap week. I don't care about the sunshine and springtime. I don't care how good God is or how laughter is contagious. I don't care about great things I shouldn't take for granted like a full head of hair, or books. Or for all those things I know I should be grateful, like trees and breathing, and clear skin, and good New York pizza and Mavis Staples and Glide floss. That's all crap when you have a crap week. When you have a crap week, all that other good shit is just shit because the one or two things that made your week crap just make it all crap. Actually, I've had about 9 crap weeks out of the last 12, so considering that piece of reality, I think I'm in a pretty good mood.

That said... let's dance.

Kick out the jams, motherf**kers!


Shake Your Rump- The Beastie Boys
Knocker- Stanton Moore Trio
I Get Lifted- George McRae
Pop, Popcorn Children- Eldridge Holmes
Shake- Pintura Fresca
Can't Buy My Love- Barbara Lynn
Weed Bus- The Stairs
Club Nitty Gritty- Chuck Berry
Rock Steady- Areath Franklin
Bustin' Loose Pt. 1- Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers
Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart- The Supremes
Dizzy Miss Lizzy- Larry Williams
The Things I Do For You- Jr. Walker & The All-Stars
Grow Your Own- Small Faces
Psycho- The Sonics
(She's Making Me) Nervous- Wyldlife
Fire- Jimi Hendrix Experience



James A. Gardner said...

Laughter may be contagious, but I've been innoculated.
Cheer up, Sal.
You could always be in Indiana.


Crap week -- have you been reading my mail?

Well ... I'm loading this mix to my iPod and off to do battle with the world. The music has gotta help!

Thanks Sal. Have a great weekend and better weeks to come!

soundsource said...

i guess my first comment didn't take. and it was.... Well I guess the week was good enough to make another kick ass weekend mix so thanks again Mr. Wood. By the way I can't wait for your all blood all the time mix...wink wink nudge nudge.

Christine said...

Don't be a nutjob. People who've had crappy weeks have made some of the best music.

FYI: I figured out how to listen to this mix with each song playing consecutively--automatically. It's a brillian little button called "Play All." I KNOW that has to make you happy.

charlie c. said...

Christine: You Rock!
Sal -- the hair thing, that was meant for me, no?!?

charlie c. said...

That, and: 'Boy, boy, crazy boy,
stay loose, boy. Breeze it, buzz it,easy does it. Turn off the juice, boy!'

ASH On The Beat said...

Cheer Up Sal, you live in New York.

You could live in Anytown UK like I do, a one horse affair where the horse just died.

Have a look at your cbox, loads of ladies love your blog, Diana being the latest and I think she has some money for you in a Nigerian account.

Sal Nunziato said...

Ah yes, NYC, where egg salad is $10 a pound and there's a 25 year wait-list for a ticket to a local football game.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've had a very good week - rewarding & fulfilling. Isn't that always the way? Someone has a crappy week; someone else has a great week. It's all about the checks & balances, the ups & the downs, the ying & the yang, the hot & the cold. I could go on [please don't - ed], but just wanted to say what an excellent kick ass mix. Many thanks!