Friday, April 13, 2012


(Artwork by Simongar)





soundsource said...


allen vella said...

nice set list....thank you

kevin m said...

This sounds great!!

steve simels said...

I would just like to say that I finally got around to checking out the Alabama Shakes, of whom I had previously heard little and knew about even less.

I'm with Sal. The singer has clearly got something, but the band seems rather not fully baked to me; their musicianship is only okay, actually.

They remind me of the Fleet Foxes in that regard; they have all the necessary influences, but they're just not in the same league as the people whose work inspired them.


Scott said...

Thanks for the Springsteen, Sal. You are truly a Gentleman and a Scholar! I was just listening to Bruce's boxset of live performances from '75-'85 yesterday while cleaning out the garage and wished I could have experienced what you described last week-hearing the new material live.
Also, too: The Alabama Shakes-As one of your featured commenters remarked, the reviewers must just be happy to be hearing something that's not just the same old corporate combo BS, e.g. Black Eyed Peas, or some other such crap. The Shakes aren't bad, but I can't see anybody gettin' a woody either.

FD13NYC said...

Thanks for this one Sal. Now I can at least hear some of the songs I would have liked him to play at the concert last week. Where do you get this stuff, and so soon too.

A walk in the woods said...

This looks great - thanks!

And I must say, looking forward to hearing "Listen To The Lion," your pick 'o the day today, as an MP3, because that album (St. Dominic's Preview) is famously out of print on CD. I have it on vinyl, but will be a real treat to hear this MP3.


iggy said...

Thank you, Sal. Now I have something wonderful to look forward to this weekend, sort of a counterbalance to Tax Preparation. May have saved my life.

All the best, Iggy

James A. Gardner said...

Amazing Bruce show, thank you.
I've felt out of step with most everyone with my reaction to Wrecking Ball; for all the emotion that obviously went into writing and recording those songs, the album at times felt arid and almost reserved.
It's a pleasure and relief to hear the material come to life onstage with the passion of the righteous zealot. The new songs sound like the indictments and impassioned laments they are.
This is important music and, now, it's truly speaking to me. Again, thank you.