Friday, April 6, 2012

"Late Afternoon Holiday Bonus" : THE WEEKEND MIX (PT.2)

I was inspired. What can I say?



I Wanna Be With You- Raspberries
Something Warm- Rick Derringer
Love Like Her- Candy Butchers
Baby, Baby (I Still Love you)- Cinderella
(She Made It) New For Me- Elliot Easton
Friday Night (Is Killing Me)- Bash & Pop
Never Going Back- The Lovin' Spoonful
Young Heart- Blanket Of Secrecy
(Baby) You Don't Have To Tell Me- The Walker Brothers
See A Little Light- Bob Mould
Everyone Moves Away- The Posies
Alison- Martin Belmont
Empty Room- Marjorie Fair
No Thugs In Our House- XTC
Friday I'm In Love- The Cure
Coming Apart- Bread
Almost The Same- Clearlake
Sweet Music- Lon & Derek
Grounds For Separation- Hall & Oates
Wouldn't You Like To Know Me- Paul Stanley



jeff k said...

much better than that lame group whose music you posted earlier today. who were they again?

Anonymous said...

I know the groups, but none of the songs I'm embarrassed to say (apart from the Cinderellas, which I happened to post recently on my own blog) - love to see the unexpected gems that you post here on Burning Wood!

Shriner said...

That Bash & Pop song is killer. In fact, that whole album blew me away (and still does) when I picked it up in a dollar bin at Best Buy years ago. "Tommy Stinson writing songs and singing? No way!"

Yes -- he can and does. And very, very well on that album. Westerberg rubbed off on him amazingly well -- on that album at least.