Friday, May 4, 2012

"18 Big Ones" : THE WEEKEND MIX

In case you missed it, here's Peter Carlin on Wednesday's Beach Boys post:

Just to clarify: This stripped down version of 'GOK' was recorded in the summer of '67, along with a bunch of other tunes from the BB's then-setlist ("You're So Good to Me," "The Letter," "California Girls," etc. They were headed to Hawaii to record a new live album (with Brian onstage), but just in case they didn't play well they also wanted to have studio versions of the live arrangements to make up for whatever shortcomings the live tracks had. They already had a title for the album: 'Lei'd In Hawaii.'

The voices on the 'GOK' are split between Carl (who sings lead), Brian and Bruce Johnston, who perform the beautiful outro as per their original parts on 'Pet Sounds.'

Also, that's Brian humming the french horn line in the opening bars.

And here it is. Recorded, 8/25/67.

God Only Knows
California Girls
Surfer Girl
You're So Good To Me
The Letter
Help Me, Rhonda
Heroes & Villains
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring


But wait....there's more.

Once I get in the mood, I need to run with it. This is a short but sweet playlist that I've hit up a few times this week.


I Can Hear Music
She Knows Me Too Well (Lead Vocal Overdub)
Aren't You Glad
Feel Flows
We'll Run Away (Rehearsal)
Leaving This Town
In My Room (Instrumental)
Our Sweet Love
Just Once In My Life

Fun, Fun, Zip


jeff k said...

I think I just had an orgasm.

(PS: This month's Mojo cover story with its 50 greatest Beach Boys Songs is fun, fun, fun, reading)

Anonymous said...

Hello all...please, remain seated.

Wow, nice selection. Have to remember to download this after work tonight. (Although I am a few episodes behind in watching The Borgias. Too many diversions, too little time)


Ken D said...

Thanks so much for this, Sal.

Are you going to see them at the Beacon next week?
Honestly, I don't know if your answer will be "wouldn't miss it!" or "why bother?"...

charlie c. said...

I'm in!

Sal Nunziato said...

@Ken D.

Not going. Third option---too much money. Plus, as much as I love these guys, I just don't enjoy Brian in this state. He makes me nervous and that's a big factor in making me feel okay about not going.

Ken D said...

Sal...completely understandable on both counts.

cmealha said...

You whetted my appetite with GOK. Nice follow-through.
I'm indifferent about the new single but how did they make Brian sound like he wasn't drooling? Is that him? Is he being doubled?

Anonymous said...

Caught 'em in NOLA, and thought them just OK - no better and no worse than the line-up I saw at a state fair 20 years ago. (It WAS cool to see Brian and David Marks onstage, but let's face it, they were never the Stones live.)OTOH, their set was a complete religious epiphany to my Aussie friend who flew from down under for the occasion. Different strokes... - bill buckner

Anonymous said...

I was always a tad ambivalent about the stripped down versions or the vocals only ones or the instrumental ones, but your selections have opened my eyes (ears?), particularly in your excellent mixes. So, many thanks!