Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bruce Springsteen & The Gris-Street Band

This happened on Sunday, April 29th at the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

That, made me think of this:


Satin Doll
Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street
Growin' Up
Mary, Queen Of Arkansas
Wild Billy's Circus Story
Sentimental Journey
The Fever
Something You Got

Even with the inclusion of "Mary, Queen Of Arkansas," this rates as one of my favorite Bruce shows. It's almost 40 years old. Look at the pic. Bruce still hadn't added the 'S' to his name. (heh)

It's been around, so I'm not posting something incredibly rare. I mean, what is these days? I've just been enjoying it, so I thought you might, too.



iggy said...

Can't wait to listen. It's new and great to me. Really appreciate it!


jeff k said...

maybe it's just the sound quality of the clip, but while it's always wonderful to see Bruce having a great time backing performers he admires (darlene love at the HOF show is one of my favorites), it seems to me that the E street band is rather leaden compared to The Band behind Dr. J in the Last Waltz concert. I love this video but it also really makes me appreciate the musical talent of The Band.

allen vella said...

YOU are incredibly rare! thanks for this post..

steves said...

Thanks so much, Sal!

I'll say this about Bruce...the guy knows how to look like he's enjoying himself. It's downright infectious!

soundsource said...

is it just me or was max rushing / pushing the beat a little. he shoulda been a bit behind it i thought for that nola funky feel.